The gang talk with "Jen", a celebrity hairstylist

Who has the good hair in Hollywood?

Amanda, Rick and Jerry are in the Martini Bar


11/15/10 San Francisco Giants - Rick gloats over the Giants winning the World Series
10/31/10 Dennis Devine - The Hollywood movie director talks about his recent works and horror movies
10/15/10 Pro Dubois - The hollywood producer is interviewed in the Martini Bar
10/1/10 Tony Curtis - The gang talk about the passing of Tony Curtis and the San Francisco Giants
9/16/10 Ken Howard - Rick, Amanda and Jerry talk to actor and SAG President
9/1/10 Jerry Lewis - Rick and Jerry talk about Jerry Lewis on Labor Day, 2010
8/22/10 3 Stooges - Rick, Amanda, and Jerry talk with CBS exec Grant Anderson the famed trio
8/15/10 Robert Evans - Rick, Amanda, and Jerry talk about the legendary Hollywood producer 
8/1/10 Ricks Martini Bar Q&A - Rick, Amanda, and Jerry answer listener questions
7/10/10 Gwenda Perez - Comedienne and actress Gwenda Perez joins Jer, Rick, and Amanda 
7/1/10 Comic Con - Jerry, Amanda, and Rick talk about the 2010 Comic Convention in San Diego
6/15/10 DMGC Golf Outing - Jerry McCarty live from the 2010 Dan McCarty Golf Classic
6/1/10 Apocalypse Now - From Memorial Day, Jerry, Rick, & Amanda talk about Apocalypse Now
5/16/10 The Old Days Of Show Biz - Jerry, Rick, & Amanda talk about old Hollywood
5/9/10 The Beatles - Jerry & Rick join Bob Cowsill to talk about The Beatles
5/2/10 Pie vs. Cake - Jerry & Brad talk about the age old controversy of Pie vs. Cake
4/25/10 Bob Cowsill Interview Part 2 - Jerry, Rick, and Bob Cowsill with more interview 
4/18/10 Bob Cowsill Interview Part 1- The legendary musician visits the Martini Bar
4/4/10 Rick's Martini Bar Q & A - Jerry & Rick Answer Questions
3/7/10 Oscar Red Carpet - Jerry, Rick, & Amanda During Their Oscar Trip
3/1/10  Metro Beginnings - Kelly & Jerry Discuss How The McCarty Metro Got Started
2/15/10 2010 Oscars  - Jerry, Rick, & Amanda Make Their Picks (17 Minutes)


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