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Hello everyone. I hope you had a fantastic month. In Michigan, we have had a few thaws and a lot of rain. Unfortunately, that has created the worst pot holes in memory. Many of our streets and expressways look like they are from war torn counties with many mine fields and craters to avoid. Oh well... PURE MICHIGAN!

We had a great time at the annual UHY Cares / Dan McCarty Texas Holdem event in February. It was sold out once again, and the event raised nearly $25,000 which will support the Lupus Alliance, and the American Cancer Society. Thank you Steve McCarty, UHY Cares, and the Emagine Royal Oak team for a first rate event. And thank you for the hundreds of players and sponsors making this a big success.

Thanks to all of you who voted in our 13th Annual McCarty Metro Awards in this past month. Although the voting was light, I think all of our winners are very deserving. Congratulations to all of our winners including 2 newest members in our Hall of Fame, Margaret McCarty and Kathlene McCarty.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who played our 7th NFL Pigskin Pickem challenge this past winter. It was a lot of fun. Congrats to our winner, Mike Wiacek who is also the first repeat champion.

We have many new things coming up in the McCarty Metro this year, including our next 72 hour Film Contest coming up this summer. If you or someone you know are not subscribed yet to the Metro, it's free, and its the best way to make sure you are aware of all the great things before they happen. Just click here to subscribe!

On March 26, I will be going in for knee replacement surgery. I am a little nervous, so I ask for your prayers and well wishes for a successful operation and speedy recovery.

Finally, my brother Jerry has had a rough month as he fights cancer. I love him and I know you all do too. Please keep him, along with Kathlene, Dana, and Evan in your prayers as they keep battling.

Our next issue will be out in May, so I would like to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's day and a blessed Easter. I leave you with a story of unselfish acts of kindness. Enjoy...

A long time ago, a man was driving his car, when he saw an older lady, stranded on the side of the road. He saw that she needed help. So he stopped his rough looking Pontiac near her Mercedes and got out.

He smiled, while he was approaching her, still she was worried, as nobody had stopped for hours. Moreover, he did not look safe, as his appearance was so poor and shabby. He could see, how frightened she was, so he tried to calm her: "Im here to help you, dont worry. My name is Bryan Anderson".

The tire was flat, so he had to crawl under the car. While changing the tire, he got dirty and cut his his hand.

When the job was done, she asked how much she owed him for his help. Bryan, while dirty and bleeding just smiled. He said: "If you really want to pay me back, the next time you see someone, who needs help, give that person the needed assistance. and think of me". They lady thanked him and drove off.

That same evening, she decided to stop in a small cafe to warm up and get some coffee and a bite to eat. That place looked dingy and was practically empty. Then she saw a waitress, nearly eight months pregnant, wiping her wet hair with a towel. The waitress working a double shift looked tired, but she had a sweet friendly smile and gave the lady attentive service, even though she had spent the whole day on her feet.

The lady wondered how someone, who has so little, can be so kind and giving to a stranger. Then she remembered Bryan. The lady had finished her coffee and paid with a hundred dollar bill. The waitress went to get change and when she came back, the lady was gone. She left a note on the napkin: 

The waitress also found four more one hundred bills under the napkin.

Later that night after her shift while coming home, the waitress was thinking about the lady and the money she left. She was wondering, how the lady could know, how much she and her husband needed it, especially now, when the baby will soon arrive. She knew that her husband worried about that, so she was glad to tell him good news. 

When she arrived, the husband was sound asleep. Instead of waking him as she knew how hard he worked, and he hadn't been sleeping well because of their financial troubles, so she simply whispered. "Everything's gonna be all right... Then she kissed him tenderly on the cheek and said, "I love you Bryan Anderson".

Here's to love, unselfish acts of kindness, and not letting them end with you. Cheers!



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