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ED NOTE: As we mentioned in the March 2017, the May 2017, and the September 2017 edition of the McCarty Metro, we learned that Jerry McCarty took the Ancestry.com DNA test, to find his heritage. The results came back and Jerry found out that he had 2 first cousins that had also taken this test. One was Kathleen (McCarty) Unti, who is the daughter of (Uncle) Bill McCarty. The other was Eugene Skladnowski, a person that Jerry had just found out about. Since Kathleen, Jerry, and Gene all tested as first cousins to each other, we are looking at a McCarty (a brother of Bill and Robert) who could be the link between these 3.

Gene is interested in finding out more about his roots. As an offer to help in his search, he is willing to pay for up to four tests if any of the other McCarty kids (Uncle Jim's, Uncle Vince's, Uncle Eddie's children) are interested in helping him on his quest.

So, without further ado, we continue the story to find out more about our new cousin...

I wanted to give you an update on my search...

Through Ancestry.com I have been able to locate my half-sister. Her name is Tish Germain and she lives in Roseville, Michigan. Her maiden name was Patricia “Tish” Rzeppa!  Pretty close to your family connection of Rzepka!  Could even be a Ellis Island misspelling! We now believe that we both share the same mother due to my McCarty connection. Our mother was Dorothy Pries/Priest depending on who was spelling it at the time.  She ultimately married Norbert Rzeppa and became Dorothy Rzeppa. I believe that her mother, my grandmother, remarried and had the last name of Groblewski. Anyway, last month I invited my half-sister for a visit and she stayed with me and my family for two weeks. We did a lot of sightseeing and talked about our respective pasts trying to cram everything in during her short stay. It was a good time! In addition to having a half-sister, it appears that I also have a half-brother, Norbert Rzeppa, Jr. I am attempting to contact him now, since he and his sister aren’t on the best of speaking terms at the moment.  Hopefully he can shed some light on the situation as well!

I have enclosed two photos, one is of the two of us in front of an excellent Polish restaurant here in New Britain, CT and the other is a photo that was taken back in 1948.  That photo shows my mother and a gentleman whom no one is able to identify.  I thought I’d pass it on to you to see if anyone might recognize him.  Not sure who he is, but it is still a lead! Hope you are getting back into the swing of things and are continuing to enjoy yourself! Let me know if anyone springs for my test offer!

Pictured above... The mystery man. Does anyone recognize this person?

Pictured to the right... Gene & Tish at Starpolska

I thought that it's funny how everyone from the McCarty clan heads out to Vegas in January as reported in last month's Metro.  I actually lived there with my adoption mother when I was in junior high/high school.  My Uncle Tony Maranti (sp) was a builder out there and he and his wife took my mother and me in when my parents were “not agreeing” with each other. Those were good times. The Rat Pack was big and the shows were great. I actually got to sit next to Jack Benny at one of the dinner shows that my uncle took us to. I was a junior Jerry McCarty meeting lots of celebrities back then. We stayed with my uncle and aunt on Washington Street, which I recall as being just past the old Stardust Hotel. I haven’t been back there since except for a flight change/layover on my way to San Francisco. Not the same place that I remember. You do know that Connecticut has the two largest casinos in the world don’t you? We have Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun Casinos. Not as exciting as Vegas, unless you are a serious gambler. I go there and lose $50.00 bucks every now and again just for fun.

On another note, I also wanted you to know that I am planning a vacation to Michigan to visit my Uncle John, his extended family and my new found half-sister mentioned above. I will be in the Detroit area for the first two weeks in September and I thought that I would offer the McCarty family an opportunity to meet me in the flesh if they so choose. I would be willing to meet at a local pub (neutral ground) to introduce myself and learn a little bit more about my other cousins. If anyone shows an interest, I would be willing to pay for the first round of libations at a watering hole close to everyone.



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