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August 13, 2018
By Mike McCarty


I know about car basics. I know where to insert the ignition key. I know how to activate the A/C and heater, and turn on the wipers (although sometimes the rear wiper goes on seemingly by itself). Just do not ask me to explain how those things work.

But today my 3-year-old granddaughter told me things about cars that I never dreamed were possible. And it's a safe bet that these things were not in the imaginations of Benz, Ford, Chrysler, or Tesla.

Natalie and I were playing with toy Matchbox cars when she explained that a red race car had a stomach ache. She named the patient "Lightning McQueen," because it resembled the 'toon star of "Cars," her favorite movie franchise. So Lightning McQueen was rushed to the doctor's office in the bowels of Noah's ark. (FYI: This gets complicated; when we play at my house Natalie insists on getting out a wooden toy ark in addition to the Matchbox cars.)

But back to the patient. While Lightning McQueen was being tended by Doc Hudson (another "Cars" character), other automobiles decided to visit. "Cars" stars Cruz, Jackson Storm, Mater, Mister Scurley, and other vehicles paraded into the basement of the ark. In minutes there were so many autos in there that Noah's ark could have been mistaken for the Ludington Car Ferry about to cross Lake Michigan to Manitowac, Wisconsin.

At least the wooden animals were not booted off the ark. They remained in the top level of the ark, along with a wooden Noah and his wooden wife. Genesis does not give the name of Noah's wife, but Natalie told me it's "Ava." Must be so, because the 3-year-old said it with confidence.

We continued to play Matchbox cars/Noah's ark until Natalie's mother came home. Mom had been at a doctor's appointment, so the grandparents were babysitting.

After Natalie left, I went downstairs and cleaned up. I lifted the ark off a hassock (Mount Ararat?), and took all the cars out of the vessel, and stowed them in a box.

Meanwhile... I was left to ponder unanswered mysteries:

- Did Lightning McQueen have health insurance? Or was the ark a free clinic? 
- Was the physician on the ark a licensed M.D. or a veterinarian?

- How would cars aboard the ark get fuel if a flood covered the Earth and all the gas pumps in Thunder Hollow?
- If God only allowed two of each animal species aboard the ark, why did God allow more than 15 cars?
- Did Lightning McQueen carry flood insurance?

Next time, I will ask Natalie.


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