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With Jer

I had 2 biopsies this month to test my bone marrow. The biggest surprise was that they couldn’t find any. The doctor’s tell me that the cancer has taken place of my bone marrow in my pelvis and hip. However after drilling around they finally found some bone marrow and have sent it out to a lab to be examined. With no bone marrow to produce red cells, white cells, or platelets, I now have to keep getting blood transfusions to stay alive.

I also got a visit in August from my brother Dennis and my godson Ash. We had lots of laughs listening to old stories about our house on Sussex, MSU, and Saudi Arabia. We also got to enjoy some In & Out Burger and the new Mission Impossible Movie.


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Here are some of the funny things my doctors have told me this past month...

- The Doctor Says: Your skin is going look younger
- The Doctor Means: You are going to get back acne

- The Doctor Says: I can tell that your wife is doing a great job taking care of you.
- The Doctor Means: I can hardly tell you've been throwing up and pooping in your drawers.

- The Doctor Says: I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your family
- The Doctor means: Thanks to your treatments, I just bought a new Tesla”


Barbara Calati
David Lipinski
Jerry McCarty

Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers



American Cancer Society
St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital



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