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On Saturday, July 21, Kelly & Margaret took a trip out to Bend, Oregon to visit with Chris, Amanda and Alexa. The incoming flight took us to Portland, where we stayed the night. On Sunday morning, we traveled down to Salem to visit with Alexa's other grandparents, Melinda and Neil, and to attend to the famous Salem Art Fair. Chris, Amanda and Alexa also were visiting there. We had a fun time visiting, and the Art Fair was a great time.

Amanda, Alexa, and Melinda take in the Art Fair During the fair, a play took place with children playing animals

After the fair, Chris, Amanda, and Alexa headed back to Bend. We followed them, but took a detour to the Craft Warehouse so Margaret could pick up some "scrapbooking" supplies. The drive through the mountains to Bend was nice and scenic as the westcoast clouds were replaced by a cloudless blue sky that lasted the entire time we were in Bend. Sunday night, Chris and Amanda took off for a couple days alone, and Margaret and I got a chance the first 2 days to spend some time with Alexa. Alexa showed us the various parks and hot spots that only a one year old knows about.

Alexa offered to drive Kelly gives Alexa an "underdog" Margaret and Alexa take a break

Alexa shows off the elementary school that she will be attending in a few years

Grandma & Alexa go swinging Gramps takes a nature walk On to more adventures

Chris & Amanda came back home on Tuesday. We then got to have some fun times with everyone. Grandpa even got treated out for a birthday dinner. The time just flew by. On Thursday, it was time to leave. But before we made it to the airport for a late night departure, we drove to the coast. We had a nice fish and shrimp lunch in Newport, and checked out a couple of lighthouses and a state park. We also heard on the news that a dock from the Japanese Tsunami which was washed away, drifted clear across the Pacific Ocean, and ended up a few weeks before on the shore of Oregon at Agate Beach. We had to check that out. After a long day, we headed to Portland for the plane home. We had an awesome time in Bend, and think we found where we are going to retire.

Newport Lighthouse Margaret goes into the Pacific waters to the washed up Japanese dock Brrrr... That's cold

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