The Metro Travels To Hollywood


Jerry McCarty covered the Academy Awards for the McCarty Metro in February with Rick Farmiloe and Amand Raymond. Although Jerry did work mostly behind the scenes, he was captured, we believe, by the paparazzi on the red carpet. Now, most people say Jerry resembles actor Jeff Goldblum or director John Waters, but I think there is a resemblence to Jer and Sasha Baron Cohen's "The Dictator"

North Korea after the failed attempt with an
un-manned rocket is ready to try it manned.
Rick Santorum bowed out of the Presidential
race, but has already found a new DC job


In light of the scandal and subsequent firings of Secret Service employees, Cousin Tony is representing some, and has the original ad that got them interested You think George Zimmerman is hated for shooting Travon Martin? You don't know what hate is if he shows up on next seasons Dancing WIth The Stars


Everybody likes the big network shows or HBO series... But there are a lot of lesser known shows on the smaller cable networks. My top 3 are Impractical Jokers on TruTV, Ghost Adventures on Travel, and Yard Crashers on DYI. What are your top 3?

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Archived video Metro from 1997. Watch the bonus Swami at the end of part 2


Brad & Butters join together again to sing about what Mondays mean to them


Each May, we show this classic "Mother's Day Picture" video from the YouTube