On February 18 while spending the weekend in Frankenmuth, Brad McCarty proposed to Valerie Bain on the banks of the Cass River. Their two and a half year courtship culminated with a simple "Will You Marry Me?" Prior to their trip, Brad went to Valerie's parents to ask for their daughter's hand. "He did it the right way", the proud father of Brad said. Kelly, Margaret, and Austin joined in the celebration with groom and bride to be the next day with dinner, along with an accordion player (right) who serenaded the couple. Margaret, Brad's mom said "They make such a cute couple. I am so happy for them today." The Columbus Ohio couple have not set a date as of this printing, and further details are upcoming.


The inaugural contest of the McCarty Metro NFL Pigskin Pickem is now in the books. With over 35 people playing during the season, and 16 making the playoffs, our first champion is Larry Wendt who score 96 points. Much like the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, Larry was also trailing back in the pack, and made the playoffs as a lower seed. But with much tenacity, he moved up each week of the playoffs, and finished on top. Finishing in a three way tie for second place were Cmac, Brad McCarty, and Scholl each finished only 1 point back. Congrats to Larry and we look forward to his defense of the title in Pigskin Pickem 2 starting in the fall.


Amanda McCarty attended a baby CPR class in educational preparation for the arrival of her nephew. As a follow up to the CPR training, a segment was taught on how to help a choking baby, by giving five swift hits to the upper back between the shoulder blades. On Amanda's second hit, the practice doll's head popped off. In a scramble to reattach the head, Amanda commented, "I didn't see anything obstructing its airway."



Look who the newspapers caught in the foreground of this photo of an attendee at a lunch with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on February 17 at Mac Rays Banquet Hall.


When you think of March 17, you almost surely will think of beer, and when you think of someone Irish, you probably think of beer and pubs as well. But, in the history of Ireland, beer wasn’t always a given on this widely-celebrated day. in 1903, a member of the Irish parliament, James O’Mara introduced a new bill that called to recognize St. Patrick’s Day as a religious observation in Ireland. However, because this was made a law, this meant that all of the local pubs had to close; therefore, no beer was readily available. So for 67 years, the Irish suffered through a total shut down of all pubs until 1970 when the law was overturned and the holiday was no longer a religious observance, but a national holiday.


In February, The McCarty Metro's own Shannon Toner-Kubina appeared on the Cooking School segment of the Fox 2 Morning News.

Shannon showed off the great LA Fajita Wraps that can be found at her Hamlin Pub in Chesterfield Township.

You can see more information on Shannon's page here on the McCarty Metro. Toner's Tavern

Click the play arrow below the video to watch the video

LA Fajita Wrap

Get this recipe courtesy of the Hamlin Pub in Chesterfield Township.

1 wheat lawash bread
1 cup diced chicken
1/4 cup green and red pepper
2 oz. plain nonfat yogurt
2 oz. salsa
1/4 cup diced onion
1 tsp. Cajun seasoning

Combine all ingredients and wrap in lawash.


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I am a long time subscriber. I enjoyed finally hearing you on the Rick's Martini Bar Podcast. Your voice sounds like a TV Star - Corky from "Life Goes On" -Big Fan

ED NOTE: Well Big, all I can say is Oh Bla Di. Oh Bla Da

What's up with Brad McCarty gettin' married? I left Ohio to go to South Beach to get my Ring and I ain't got sh@t! -Lebron

ED NOTE: Well I guess Valerie is one up on you.

I have my first grandchild on the way and people have been asking me, "What do I want to be called?" So it has me thinking, what should I be called? "Gramps", "Grandpa", "Hey You, Crazy Old Man with the pee stain on his pants?" Any suggestions? -Expectant Grandfather

ED NOTE: It doesn't matter what the grandchild calls you, just know that the baby loves his grandpa. And anyway, I'm just waiting on your James Earl Jones voice to introduce the baby like your old video productions... Robby & Sara Proudly Presents...

I am saying "Yes to Michigan" and coming for a weekend vacation. Since I have only limited time, what sites should I take in? -Southern Mc

ED NOTE: I want to take you to the most popular place in the state, so, it's you an me big guy in the unemployment line.

Hi Cousin, Home from the hospital and recovering.  Please encourage your wives, girlfriends daughters, and daughter-in-laws to get their mammograms. My breast cancer was post menopausal, triggered by to much estrogen. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs, Cousin Barb







Angelo Dundee, 90, boxing trainer of Muhammad Ali. Don Cornelius, 75, television host and producer of Soul Train, suicide. Ben Gazzara, 81, actor (Run for Your Life, Road House), pancreatic cancer. Jeffrey Zaslow, 53, author and columnist, husband of Detroit news anchor Sherry Margolis, car accident. Whitney Houston, 48, singer and actress, most-awarded female artist of all time. David Kelly, 82, actor (Fawlty Towers, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Gary Carter, 57, Hall of Fame baseball player (Montreal Expos, New York Mets), brain tumor.


Our criminal justice system at its' finest...

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