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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen this is Bob ďMarch MadnessĒ Hope and I wanna tell you I'm getting ready for a wild and wacky month. How about that Brad McCarty and Valerie Bain getting engaged? Isnít that something? I havenít seen anything that exciting in Columbus since Woody Hayes hit a freshman. Isnít that wild?

And how about that Mike and Karen going to a bunch of cities in Germany? Isnít that wild? I havenít seen any McCarty that interested in Cologne since Kelly McCarty dowsed himself in English Leather. Isnít that something?

How about that Dan McCarty Poker Tournament. Isnít that something? I donít want to say they are bad gamblers, but I havenít seen anyone go ďall inĒ with 2 Queens since George Michael was at a West Hollywood Bath House. Isnít that wild?

Did you see that Jerry McCartyís photos from the Hollywood Collectorís Show? Werenít they wild? I havenít seen so many washed up people since that Italian Cruise Ship sank. Isnít that something?

How about Jerry going to the Oscars?  Isnít that something?  I havenít seen a McCarty on that much Red Carpet since Dennis McCarty got a nosebleed.  Isnít that wild?

How that Snow Day for Megan & Jenna McCarty?  Isnít that wild?  I havenít seen that much white in the Twin Lakes subdivision since before Tacheon Prince moved in?  Isnít that something? 

And how about the same-sex marriage dispute out in California. Isn't that something? I haven't seen such a dispute between factions since the 1968 feud between the Banana Splits and the Sour Grapes. Isn't that wild?

And how about that waterfall in Yosemite that resembles lava at sunset. Isn't that something. I haven't seen such a resemblance to hot lava since the McCarty's bedroom floor with kids jumping from furniture to bed. Isn't that wild.

I know Obama has been avoiding meetings with Israeli governmental figures, but how about that Netanyahu to meet with Obama on March 5. I haven't seen such an anticipated meeting since the person in apartment 4b of the Kings Arms apartments in Detroit finally met with newsboy Larry to finally pay him for the paper.

And how about that March Madness coming up. Isn't that wild? Since there are no big names in the field, I haven't seen so little excitement from the fans since the Sus-Comb 500. Isn't that something?

And how about those gas prices on the rise again. I haven't seen gas cost that much since Taco Bell introduced the Taco Bell Salsa Roja Tortada. Isn't that wild? Speaking of Taco Bell. How about the report that they don't use actual beef in their food. Isn't that wild? Tell me something I didn't know, like Mom McCarty actually used beef in her hamburger and noodles back when feeding 10 on a cop salary. Isn't that something?

Good night ladies and gentlemen.

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