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Hello Metro family and friends! I hope this finds you doing well so far in 2021.

I am so sad to report that we lost two of our McCarty Metro family members. Our cousin Judy Lipiniski passed away in Florida on December 9 from complications of a massive stroke. Hours later, I got the news that our cousin Pat Dohring succumbed to COVID here in Michigan. Both Judy and Pat were so energetic, and loved by so many. They will be missed and they, along with their families, are in our thoughts and prayers.

Speaking of COVID, both your editors also battled it in January. I had a positive test early in January and fortunately am doing fine now. Margaret also quarantined during my illness, but subsequently, she tested positive. She is continuing her quarantine. Thanks to all who texted or called for your concern, and thank you to Austin and Amanda for sending care packages, which included a pulse-oximeter, vitamins and supplements to help aid in our recoveries. My positive test did throw a monkey wrench into our annual McCarty Metro Vegas trip. Normally, we would have 10 people making the jaunt, but only 2, Larry and Robert, actually was able to make the trip this year. To my brothers and kids who missed it, hopefully we can do it soon.

While visiting the Metro today, please don't forget to take a couple minutes and vote for the best in our 16th Annual McCarty Metro Dudley Awards. The McCarty Metro first published in 1963, and it is with great pride that I have been your editor for the past 29 years. We have many remarkable people who have submitted articles over the years, and many more like you who just enjoy reading it. It is a great way to show your appreciation, not only to me, but to all who contribute to make this publication what it is.

With my bout with COVID this past month, I realize just how important the support of family and friends are. Throughout their lives, I have tried to always be there for my kids, and this past month, they definitely were all there for me and their mom. So, my final thought I would like to leave you all with this little poem which I love about children. I hope you and yours' stay safe, and hoping for a great month ahead.



A child's love is like a whisper,
given in little ways we do not hear
but if you listen closely it will be very clear.

They often do not say it loud but in how they come to you...
Daddy, will you play with me?
Mommy, tie my shoe?

...the many ways they tell you changes as they grow
Dad, I made the team today!
Mom, I've Got to go!

Pop, I need some money
You see there's...this girl at school...
Mama, I met a boy today and wow he is so cool...!

Dad, I've got something to tell you... I think she is the one.
Mom, He asked me to marry him. Would you love him as your son?

Dad, I've got some news for you...
It's gonna be a boy!
Mom, I'm kind of scared of this, yet I'm filled with joy!

A child's love is like a whisper,
given in little ways we do not hear
but if you listen closely it will be very clear.

They often do not say it loud but in how they come to you...
Grandpa, will you play with me?
Grandma, tie my shoe...

It is never ending
A blessing from above
Listen to the whispers of a child's love.

Here's to experiencing the true love and joy... Just from a child's whisper.


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