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After the annual McCarty Metro VBV 2021 trip fell apart due to Covid, in last month's edition, we got a report from Larry McCarty, as he and Bob Lopez did make the trip to Vegas and had some luck. Later in January after Kelly's bout with the Coronavirus, he and his 2 sons decided to also make the pilgrimage to Sin City. They went from Wednesday, January 27 through Sunday the 31st. Wednesday and Thursday were very quiet, and not a lot of tables open anywhere, however Friday and Saturday were packed.  Although not as lucky as Larry, the three had a good time of gambling, shooting guns, and taking in the sights of Las Vegas. The low light was being woke up at 3 in the morning by the guy in the next room who wasn't pleased with the girl one of those trading cards handed on the street.

Brotherly love - A nice win at the Let It Ride table going in blind - The Forum at Caesars Palace
Breakfast in old Vegas - Had some luck at the slots and black jack tables - Enjoyed the stadium seating in the new Circa sports book
Our hotel The Flamingo - Paris Eiffel Tower - Bellagio fountains (see video below in Metro Quick Videos)

I am so proud of my teaching skills. Here is the final exam I gave my child. He got a 100%! Take that, public schools!

Q1. World History - In which battle did Napoleon die?  his last battle 
Q2. US History - Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?  at the bottom of the page 
Q3. Chemistry - River Ravi flows in which state?  liquid 
Q4. Life Skills - What is the main reason for divorce?  marriage 
Q5. Common Sense - What is the main reason for failure?  exams 
Q6. Foods & Nutrition - What can you never eat for breakfast?  lunch & dinner 
Q7. Foods & Nutrition - What looks like half an apple?  the other half 
Q8. Geography - If you throw a red stone into the Red Sea what will it become?  it will become wet 
Q9. Life Skills - How can a man go eight days without sleeping ?  no problem, he sleeps at night 

Q10. General Knowledge - How can you lift an elephant with one hand?  you will never find an elephant that has only one hand 
Q11. Math - If you had 3 apples and 4 oranges in one hand and 4 apples and 3 oranges in other hand, what would you have ?  very large hands 
Q12. Math - If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?  no time at all, the wall is already built 
Q13. Science - How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?  drop it any way you want, concrete floors are very hard to crack 



A Florida alligator completed a golf foursome yesterday... sort of.

Marc Goldstein and his two playing partners were surprised when they saw the gator grab his golf ball after an errant shot. The group was playing at Pelican Sound Golf Club in Estero when Marc hit his ball near one of the ponds. He started recording with his cell phone when it became apparent the gator wasn't giving up the ball. His golf buddies erupted in laughter as the gator slid back into the water. There's no word if Marc got a mulligan after that.

ED NOTE: My brothers and I will be on that course in a couple weeks. I heard the gator was also the one who took Chubs hand?




After 5 months, 17 regular season games, 3 playoff rounds, plus the Super Bowl itself on February 7, our McCarty Metro Pigskin Pickem game has crowned a new champion. Big Frank, from Pittsburgh, PA came from behind and bested the 34 other players. Frank's 150 points (picked the winner Tampa Bay and 10 of the 15 prop bets) in Super Bowl 55, was matched by Lake Speed and Plagueis, and was enough to beat the field, as he jumped from 4th place to the championship. Tom Hoenicke and Linda finished second and third on the season. You can check out the final standings on our Pigskin Pickem page.

. .
Thank you all who played this season. I hope it helped to keep you entertained during the pandemic and another dismal Lion season. See you next season!

themccartys on Tik Tok has grown it's following over 400,000 people in the past 30 days. In our February issue, we reported that they had 2.7 million followers. Currently, they are now over 3.1 million. Congratulations to Kevin, Stephanie, Audri and Braxton on this accomplishment. If you haven't seen their posts yet, download the Tik Tok app and search for themccartys and follow them. They also have an on-line store with some McCarty swag. The link is below.


VERIFIED TikTok @ themccartys - @accisionagency Influencer

Check Out Their McCarty Merchandise...



It is a slow day in the small town of Pumphandle, and streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit. A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night. As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer. The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his supplier, the Co-op. The guy at the Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit. The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner. The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the traveler will not suspect anything. At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves. No one produced anything. No one earned anything... However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a Stimulus package works.



Clever Texans have implemented a new strategy to stop Californians from fleeing their terrible state and ruining Texas with the same policies. Sneaking up to Oklahoma in the middle of the night, brave defenders of the Lone Star State installed "Welcome to Texas" signs atop the "Welcome to Oklahoma" signs surrounding Texas's neighbor.

Californians, whose minds have been slowed from years of marijuana, sushi, and the patchouli of hippies, won't be smart enough to notice the difference and will settle down in Oklahoma, not realizing they moved to the wrong state. "It's the perfect plan," said Texas Governor Greg Abbott. "While I don't condone vandalism or vigilantism, we must sometimes take desperate measures to ensure dumb Californians don't keep coming here and destroying everything."

Oklahomans, annoyed by their new Californian neighbors constantly saying "dude" and "bro," have hatched a plot to move the Welcome to Texas signs to Nebraska.


His commute was total panda-monium.

A man was caught on camera rollerblading naked down an eight-lane Ohio highway — wearing only a giant plush panda head. The roller-streaker was seen zipping at a remarkably high speed while clutching a golf club on I-670 in Columbus Tuesday — irking drivers who honked and gawked. 

“This dude’s on the freeway naked!” one stunned motorist can be heard saying as he shoots wild footage of the incident.

When the driver honks, the birthday-suited blader moves to the shoulder of the highway to let his car pass, the now-viral video shows. The oddball’s identity wasn’t known as of Thursday, according to authorities, who told WTRF-TV that the naked guy’s choice of transit was their biggest concern.


On average, a panda feeds for approximately 12 hours a day. Basically the same as an adult at home under quarantine, which is why it's called a Pandemic!

Here are some of the recent travel destinations from our faithful readers

Austin, Brad, and Kelly went to Vegas for a getaway.
Steve traveled down to sunny Florida for some work and fun

Did you travel recently? Send us your destination and pictures to

Dear Editor: Thanks so much for hosting and staging another good season of Pigskin Football. -Phil V

ED NOTE: Thanks for playing Phil. Hoping to do this again in September!

Dear Editor: My husband and I are retired, and having to quarantine with each other is a strain. How are you doing?

ED NOTE: We actually had to quarantine from each other for most of January with my positive Covid test, and part of February after coming home from Vegas. Even though we were separated by 1 floor, I'm sure I got on her nerves a lot. One day, Margaret yelled from upstairs and asked, "Kelly... Do you ever get a shooting pain across your body, like someone's got a voodoo doll of you and they're stabbing it?" I was really concerned and shouted up "No!" She yelled back down, "How about now?"

Dear Editor: During the pandemic, we eat mostly at home. The wife is a vegan and cooks the same tofu things over and over and over and over again. Any suggestions on how to change it up? -Billy

ED NOTE: Have you tried vegan cheeseburgers from 100% vegan eating cows? I hear that might be an option. Really though... Don't be concerned with the monotony of vegan foods. I actually eat a salad everyday for dinner. Actually, it is more of a fruit salad. Well, mostly grapes. Ok... All grapes. Fermented grapes. WINE. I got wine for dinner as the main course. Got a problem with that???

ED NOTE: I appreciate you stopping by. I would like to hear your questions, comments, or editorials.

Just submit them anytime during the month to mccartymetro@gmail.com for inclusion in our next issue.


For those that do not speak the language, Le' Food is French for "The Food"! Readers, email me at mccartymetro@gmail.com to submit your
favorite recipe for inclusion in an upcoming issue. This month we have a St. Patrick's dishes and an Easter breakfast. Bon Appétit!

An Irish staple for St. Patty's Day

Submitted by Margaret


4 lbs corned beef 1 head cabbage carrots


Cover 4 points of corned beef with boiling water in a kettle and bring back to a boil. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Drain, and cover with fresh boiling water and simmer until the meat is tender. DO NOT BOIL!

Cut 1 head cabbage into 8 wedges. About 15 minutes before the beef is done, add the cabbage and carrots. Continue cooking uncovered for the 15 minutes. Serve it hot with Kristen's smashed potatoes and a little mustard on the side. Makes 8 servings.

The perfect side dish for St Patty’s Day Corned Beef

Submitted by Kristen


1 bag small potatoes  Olive oil Pepper Garlic salt


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Boil unpeeled potatoes until fairly tender. Drain and pat off excess water from potatoes with paper towel. Put potatoes on a cookie sheet lined with non stick foil. Use a glass or dish or something to smash the potatoes. Try and get all potatoes to be about 1/4-1/2” thick.

Drizzle with olive oil. Add garlic salt & pepper to taste. Put in oven for 25 minutes or until browned and crispy. Serve with ranch dressing. Yummy!

Easter Brunch - What to do with all those hard boiled eggs?

Submitted by Kristen


12 Hard boiled eggs
3/4 cup Butter
3/4 cup Flour 


6 cups Milk


Toast (12 pieces)


Melt butter in a large sauce pan over medium heat. Whisk in flour to make a roux and cook for 10 minutes. Whisk in the milk and bring to a simmer, whisking constantly. Reduce heat to low and cook for 10 more minutes, whisking occasionally. Season with salt and pepper. Separate the egg yolks and whites from the hard boiled eggs. Chop the egg whites and stir into the gravy. Grate the yolks with a cheese grater and set aside. To serve, place toasted bread on a plate, cover with gravy and garnish with egg yolk.

Irish sisters, Jane and Arlene are outside their nursing home, having a drink and a smoke, when it starts to rain. Jane pulls out a condom, cuts off the end, puts it over her cigarette, and continues smoking.

Arlene: What in the hell is that?
Jane: A condom. This way my cigarette doesn't get wet.
Arlene: Where did you get it?
Jane: You can get them at any pharmacy.

The next day, Arlene hobbles herself into the local pharmacy and announces to the pharmacist that she wants a box of condoms. The pharmacist, obviously embarrassed, looks at her kind of strangely (she is, after all, over 80 years of age), but very delicately asks what size, texture, brand of condom she prefers.

'Doesn't matter Sonny, as long as it fits on a Camel.'

The pharmacist fainted.


by Olivia

I was home with my mommy and Gray. A lady brought 5 puppies to our house. It was so much fun, and then, IT GOT CRAZY. They followed me everywhere and wanted to play! They wanted to jump on my bed but couldn't jump that high. After a couple days, someone came and took 3 of them to their forever homes. Then 2 weeks later, someone took one more puppy home. We still have one more puppy who is looking for a forever home.



Q. What did the zero say to the eight? 
A. Nice belt

Q. Why don't you iron a 4-leaf clover?
A. You don't want to press your luck

Q. What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a 4-leaf clover?
A rash of good luck


ED NOTE: If you have a young writer who wants to see their work on the McCarty Metro, send it in an email to me
at mccartymetro@gmail.com for inclusion in an upcoming issue.

You can submit videos by sending it to me, send me a link, or uploading to YouTube and sending me the info to mccartymetro@gmail.com

Happy Birthday Jenna

Family & friends send Jenna
birthday wishes on her 16th birthday

The Bellagio Fountain

Austin and Brad took a walk over to the Bellagio
on their Vegas trip to record the fountain

It's Tricky

Jenna and Megan do a dance
to Tricky on Tik Tok

Happy & Shooter
25 Years Later

Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin still have
a fierce rivalry 25 years after the movie



If you know someone who could use our prayers, please email me at mccartymetro@gmail.com.



Don Sutton, 75, Hall of Fame baseball player (Los Angeles Dodgers, California Angels, Milwaukee Brewers) and broadcaster, cancer. Hank Aaron, 86, Hall of Fame baseball player (Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Indianapolis Clowns) and civil rights activist. Larry King, 87, Hall of Fame broadcaster (Larry King Live, Larry King Now, Politicking with Larry King). Cloris Leachman, 94, Hall of Fame actress (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Last Picture Show, Young Frankenstein), Oscar winner (1971). Cicely Tyson, 96, Hall of Fame actress (Sounder, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The Trip to Bountiful), Tony winner (2013). John Chaney, 89, Hall of Fame college basketball coach (Cheyney State Wolves, Temple Owls). Dustin Diamond, 44, actor (Saved by the Bell) and comedian, small-cell carcinoma. Jim Weatherly, 77, Hall of Fame singer-songwriter ("Midnight Train to Georgia", "Neither One of Us", "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me"). Leon Spinks, 67, boxer, WBA and WBC heavyweight champion (1978), Olympic champion (1976), prostate cancer. Butch Reed, 66, professional wrestler (Mid-South Wrestling, WWF) and football player (Kansas City Chiefs), complications from a heart attack. George Shultz, 100, politician, Secretary of State (1982–1989), Secretary of the Treasury (1972–1974), Secretary of Labor (1969–1970). Mary Wilson, 76, Hall of Fame singer (The Supremes). Marty Schottenheimer, 77, football player (Buffalo Bills) and coach (Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs), complications from Alzheimer's disease. Rush Limbaugh, 70, Hall of Fame conservative radio host (The Rush Limbaugh Show), author, and political commentator, lung cancer. 

Sister Patricia McCarty, OP (William Francine)

Our cousin, Sister Patricia McCarty, formerly known as Sister William Francine McCarty, died on Friday, February 12, 2021, at the Dominican Life Center in Adrian, Michigan. She was 85 years of age and in the 66th year of her religious profession in the Adrian Dominican Congregation.

Sister Patricia was born in Detroit to William and Frances (Brinker) McCarty. She graduated from Dominican High School in Detroit and received a bachelor’s degree in speech from Siena Heights College (University) in Adrian and a master’s degree in drama/theater from Michigan State University in East Lansing.

Sister ministered for 15 years in elementary education in Des Moines, Iowa, and Loves Park and Riverdale, Illinois. She was Principal of Queen of Apostles School in Riverdale for three years. In addition, Sister served for five years in Congregation leadership in Hometown, Illinois, as Co-Provincial and Provincial Administrator. 

In Michigan, Sister Patricia was campus minister and Director of Alumni Relations for 11 years at Mercy College (University of Detroit Mercy); Development Director for 11 years and Director of the Ministry Trust for two years for the Adrian Dominican Congregation; and Development Coordinator for one year for the Dominican Consultation Center in Detroit.

Sister became a resident of the Dominican Life Center in 2004. She was preceded in death by her parents William and Francine, and her brother, William J. McCarty. She is survived by a sister, Kathleen Unti, an Adrian Dominican Associate, of Easton, Maryland; loving nieces and nephews; and her Adrian Dominican Sisters.

Due to COVID-19 mitigation protocols, the Dominican Life Center is closed until further notice to all guests or visitors. All are welcome to participate in Sister’s wake and funeral via live stream. The Vigil Prayer will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, February 19, 2021, in St. Catherine Chapel. A Funeral Word Service will be offered in St. Catherine Chapel at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, February 20, 2021. Prayers of Committal will be held in the back of St. Catherine Chapel. Memorial gifts may be made to Adrian Dominican Sisters, 1257 East Siena Heights Drive, Adrian, Michigan, 49221. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Anderson-Marry Funeral Home, Adrian.

Services available on live streaming: https://adriandominicans.org/LiveStream.aspx

Afterwards, recordings will be posted on Sister’s In Memoriam page for 6-8 weeks: http://adriandominicans.org/MeetDominicans/InMemoriam.aspx


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