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MARCH 2022


ED NOTE: This travel page is for our readers to submit their travel stories and destinations. Please email your articles and pix to mccartymetro@gmail.com. This month's travel page is submitted by Kelly.


After coming back from a road trip to Florida with my wife Margaret, 1 week later, I was back in the car for a second road trip down to the sunshine state for a reunion with all my brothers in Florida. This time though I left home alone, and picked up my brother Larry in Tennessee on the way.

The trip down to Tennessee was uneventful. I left at 7am and arrived on Larry & Gina's doorstep by 3pm. Gina fixed a nice dinner, and we talked and hung out until bedtime. We did come up with a plan. Rather than drive for 12 hours straight, we would break it up and spend 1 night with Larry's hotel points in southern Georgia, then finish the travel and get in around the time others were flying in.

The next morning, we packed up the Chevy Trax with suitcases and golf clubs, and squeezed in and got on the road. Larry took right away to the license plate game, but was a little perturbed on all the ones I saw while on the way to his house.

We arrived at our destination at the Valdosta, Georgia Hilton Garden Inn where we had a nice dinner and and bedded for the night, then continued on in the morning for Steve's place.

We got to Steve's in the afternoon and met my brothers. Over the next 5 days we had non-stop adventures including Roadside America stops, an air boat ride, going out on a yacht, gambling including the casino and the Bonita Springs Poker Room, lots of sports including pickle ball, putt-putt, basketball, bocce, seeing gators, and lots of sun, great food and drink. Thank you Steve for hosting.


Brothers gather together and get in a little roadside America and a few cocktails
More roadside America - Rick points to the Conk Wall - And the boys marvel
A gator show and airboat rides through the Everglades
Great evening for some fresh grouper at Docs
Just a great time in Florida hanging with these guys
And we even met a few more friends on the trip


After the long weekend, the brothers hit the airport and Larry and I packed up the Chevy Trax for the long drive back to Nashville to drop him off before I headed back to Michigan, my home. On the way, we talked and laughed a lot about our adventures with our best friends... Our Brothers!

Larry and I even sang a final song while cramped up in the car for 12 hours...


Are you going on a road trip? Make sure to let us know and we will share it here on the Metro!


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