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Hello everyone. Thanks all for reading the McCarty Metro this month. We will be back again in October for our Halloween edition. Halloween??? What happened to this summer. It went by so fast...

Since we last talked, Margaret and I had a nice weekend trip to St. Ignace, Michigan where we went on a tour of 5 lighthouses by boat. We saw an additional 4 lighthouses on land. We had a blast. We got a chance to meet Mike and Ann (Hilary's parents) in Rogers City on the way home. Austin and Hilary were spending the weekend there. It was a very nice visit. We also got to meet Hil's brother and sister and her family. They have a beautiful home and lake setting, and Mike even took us for a tour around the town.

September 7 marks Margaret's and my 31st wedding anniversary. I feel very fortunate in the life we have built together. Our love and our family keeps growing every year.

September in the Metro also means we are starting up the 2016 McCarty Metro NFL Pigskin Pickem Tournament again. Make sure you try to stop by weekly to the Metro and make your picks. It is a fun season, and the playoffs and Super Bowl are a blast. Also in this month's edition, readers get a chance to redesign our logo. I am looking forward to changing our Gaelic M to something possibly a little more modern.

There is another new page called McCarty Memories. You can find a yellow link at the bottom of every page. I am hopeful that our subscribers will submit McCarty memorabilia. On that line, I also can't miss this chance to thank Cousin Mary Jo and husband Dan who hosted the McCarty family reunion on August 16. It was great seeing cousins, nephews and nieces that we don't get to see that often. It was a hot day, but I had a great time catching up on their lives, and also hearing some great stories about our parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. Once again, from Margaret and myself... Thank you Mary Jo and Dan on putting this together and for a job well done. Can't wait for the next family reunion... 

Speaking of family, I realize that much of what I learned in my life, being a husband, a father, a brother, a friend, and a Christian, I learned from my family. No one sat down with me and told me what to do in every situation, I just learned from them on how they handled adversity and how they carried themselves on a daily basis when they thought I wasn't looking. This month's final thought I leave you with is a little story from Mary Korazan entitled "When You Thought I Wasn't Looking".


Here's to all the good things in life you learned when they thought you weren't looking. Cheers!


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