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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Bob ďBack to SchoolĒ Hope and I want to tell you, it has been a wild and wacky summer this year.

How about that Amanda McCarty making a commercial on investing? Wasnít that something? She hasnít been that much into Bonds since Daniel Craig came out of the ocean in Casino Royale? Isnít that wild?

How about Larry and Gina canoeing down the Green River. Wasnít that wild? I havenít seen Larry enjoy a float that much since he went to Tast-E-Freeze. Isnít that something?

And how about Mike, Karen, and Jerry going to see the Cowsills, the Association, and the Grass Roots in Manistee, MI. Wasnít that something. All the bands were really hip, in fact most of them had theirs replaced. Isnít that wild?

And how about that 2 hour drive from Grand Rapids to Manistee. Wasnít that something? Michael said thatís the longest heís spend in his car since last week when he got lost going to Whataburger. Isnít that wild?

And how about Steve, Kristen, Megan, and Jenna going on a road trip in the South. Wasnít that wild? Thatís the easiest time Steve has had finding greens since he played Rambler Golf Course. Isnít that something?

How about Chris McCarty continuing his quest to attend every major league ball park? Isnít that something? Heís seen more pitcherís rubbers than Kate Upton. Isnít that wild?

And how about Kelly & Margaret going on a lighthouse boat tour on the choppy Lake Huron waters? Wasn't that something? Kelly says he hasn't experienced such rough looking seas since trying to spell his last name way back in first grade. Isn't that wild?

And how about that Margaret getting hit in the eye while cleaning the house? Wasn't that something? I haven't seen a black eye change that many colors over a period of time since Michael Jackson. Isn't that wild?

How about that Mike McCarty putting on makeup back in July as part of a burn simulation for medical students in Grand Rapid? Wasn't that wild? I heard Mike was such a hit with the makeup, that he's thinking of changing his name to Caitlyn McCarty.


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