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Hello everyone. Thanks all for reading the McCarty Metro this month. The cooler fall weather is settling in. We will be back again in November for our Thanksgiving edition. Christmas is getting close....

I am going to be a grandfather again!!! Brad and Valerie are expecting their second child in March. Olivia is going to make a great big sister. Congratulations and best wishes to Valerie. I love all of you!

On September 19th, my brother Jerry came to town to attend our Henry Ford II class reunion. This was for graduating years from 1975-1978. We had a great time talking to some former classmates. Some we haven't seen for 37 or 38 years. Even cousin Rusty was there! He gave me a tip about rum & Coke. My older brother Larry was unable to make the reunion from Tennessee, and a lot of people were asking about him (I think he may have owed them money). I was also surprised on how many of the people went to St. Mathias as well. Anyway, we capped the evening off with some Coney Island as Jerry had a 5:30 am flight the next morning back to LA.

Margaret is still out on her cross country car adventures with her sister Marianne. She usually proofs the Metro for spelling and grammar errors, so please excuse any you see in this edition. We will have a full report in next months McCarty Metro on her three week trip..

I would like to send all my best wishes to my sister-in-law Karen as she is recovering nicely from an illness, and prayers to my two cousins both named Barbara on their health battles. My wish for you all is to have a complete recovery, and to get and stay well.

In October, I am starting to see the leaves start to change their color. Pretty soon my weekends will be full of raking the leaves from the dozen or so large trees at the Metro HQ. Football has started with hockey and basketball not far behind. Fall is my favorite time of the year. It brings color, fun, and excitement. It is one of the seasons that fills your senses. The color of the trees, the feel of the fall, crisp air, the taste of cider and doughnuts at the cider mill, and the smell of burning leaves and a candle burning in the jack-o-lantern. Most of all, IT'S HALLOWEEN! As a kid, other than Christmas, Halloween was my favorite holiday. Picking out the perfect costume and getting tons of candy. Although I do not Trick-or-Treat anymore, all the other senses make October a great time of the year for me.

I read a story that filled my senses and wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy.

Tim Young and Paul Hullings from New Jersey are hearty firefighters that live for their work. They recently worked tirelessly for 12 hours to clear out a fire. After which, being completely exhausted, they went to a cafe around 6 a.m. to request the strongest cup of coffee the barista could muster.

Their waitress that day was Liz Woodward and she just happened to overhear the two firefighters discussing their tiresome battle. Eventually, when Tim and Paul went to pay, they were greeted with a nice surprise. Instead of their bill, they were given this message.

Emotionally, they thanked the kind waitress for her warm gesture. On Facebook, Tim recounts the event : “Such a selfless and kind act. I definitely urge my friends to make a trip out and support the business, and if Liz happens to be your waitress, tip big.”

But the story doesn’t end there. The firefighters learned that Liz’s father, Steve, is quadriplegic and has been paralyzed for five years. Liz set up a donation page in winter to fund a wheelchair accessible vehicle so that she can take her father places. Tim urged people on Facebook to donate to Liz’s crowd-fund : “Turns out, the young lady who gave us a free meal is really the one that could use the help…”

Within a few days, she had gathered more than $70,000 – far more than the $17,000 needed for a wheelchair accessible van. Liz and her family couldn’t be more grateful to the two firemen : “All I did was pay for their breakfast. I didn’t expect anything more than a smile,” says the waitress “It goes to show that you just have to be kind to each other and that even the smallest gesture can change a life.”

This story is proof that kindness pays off – sometimes a thousand fold, good on everyone involved in this. 

Raise your glass. Here's to hope, faith, love, and most of all, be kind to others. Cheers!


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