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The 7th annual Dan McCarty Texas Holdem Tournament was held on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at the Star Lanes in the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan. It was a record crowd this year with over 160 players. The event raised money for Rock The Blight, Gleaners, and The Lupus Alliance. Congratulations to the tournament winner Chuck Pottenger pictured to the left with his championship bracelet, and event organizer Steve McCarty. 

In addition to the Tournament, this fundraiser offered bowling, pool, shuffle board, and refreshments for all in attendance to enjoy. Prizes were provided by great local sponsors. The McCarty Metro would like to throw out a great big thank you to Steve and Kristen McCarty, UHY Associates, UHY Cares, the Emagine Theatre, and all the wonderful sponsors and players who helped raise money for such great causes, and keeping Dan McCarty's memory alive.



As you may have noticed in the article, the Metro is supporting another worth cause, Rock The Blight. Check out the website http://www.rocktheblight.com. Rock the Blight, which is the brainchild of some of the McCarty Metro staff and others who are interested in giving something back to a great city, is an electrifying event planned for this year to clean up the blight in the city of Detroit. Artists from music, sports, television and film will come together in a telethon to celebrate the heritage of one of the great cities in the United States. The event is also supported by Crain’s Detroit 20/40 Team and major corporations from around the world. The Motor City has helped out Haiti, Louisiana, and New York when they needed it. America... We need your help! ED NOTE: The McCarty Metro encourages you to check out the website, and to click the Facebook and Twitter links a the bottom of that page to help get the word out.


The 3rd Annual McCarty Metro - NFL Pigskin Pickem season kicked off on September 8, 2013, and concluded with the Super Bowl on February 2, 2014. Over the 5 months of the NFL season, we had a record 30 participants during the season, and 24 who qualified for the playoffs. Our tournament finished in a tie on the last play of the game. Congratulations to our 2014 chammpions Gary Mainhardt and Mike Wiacek.


Steve, Kristen, Megan and Jenna played host to an old-fashioned party like back in the old days. In attendance were Kelly, Margaret, Austin and Hillary, Larry, Gina, Amanda, Sara and Bobby, Rick, Pat, Erin, Scott, Kayleigh, Kevin and Stephanie, Mike and Karen. A great Mexican meal with lots of great conversation, followed by lots of ping-pong, and Wii entertainment. A great time was had by all.

Please remember my son Brad McCarty in your prayers as he will undergo knee surger in March.

Please remember our cousin Barbara in your prayers as she has continues treatment to battle cancer.


Valencia Police are looking for a suspect who robbed the McCarty house in February. Taken were speakers, a mixer, purse, cash and credit cards. The cards were already used at a fast food place and a Home Depot. In an effort to find the perps, Jerry hired the only retired person he knows with an art background to sketch the suspects from a vague description given by a neighbor. In addition to the drawings, the neighbor said one had tatoos, and told him to "blow him down"?. The other burly guy said something about yabba dabba's too? He mentioned the getway car was really old, and must have had the floor rusted out, as he saw the perps legs running under the car.



Here are some of the travel destinations this past month from our readers...

Kelly & Margaret traveled from Michigan to Bend, Oregon to visit Chris, Amanda, Alexa and Cooper
Jerry traveled from California to Michigan to celebrate Mom's birthday and compete in the Texas Holdem Event
Larry, Gina, Amanda, Sara and Bobby traveled from Tennessee to Michigan to wish Mom at Happy 87th
Jerry traveled from California to Mexico for work

Are you traveling? Why not send us your destination and pictures. Send them to submit@mccartymetro.com


On a recent visit up to Michigan, Amanda McCarty pluged herself into the icy Lake St. Clair at the first Aqua Freeze Festival. The video is below, the newspaper article is the the right, and the online report can be found on the Macomb Daily website.

Congrats to the Crazy Amanda.


Cooper Turns 1. To help celebrate, Kelly & Margaret travel to Oregon to join the festivities. Unfortunately, weather related delays on United Airlines caused the couple to take the long way to get there. Over 28 hours from the time they were supposed to take off, until the time they landed, they had finally reached their destination. The visit (although short) was wonderful. Margaret was just out in December, but Kelly hadn't seen everyone since the Mackinac Island trip in June. Happy Birthday Coop.

Alexa & Grandma The Cake The Banner Look Who's 1 Today


We want to hear your questions, comments, rants, or editorials. Just submit them to soundoff@mccartymetro.com.

Dear Editor. I love Rick's Martini Bar. All the topics covered are great. On the McCarty Metro, you have the last year's worth of podcasts, but how can I get the older ones. -A fan

ED NOTE: The old podcasts are availabe in the iTunes store. Also, starting in our May issue, I will make a point to upload and link all the podcasts from the very first episode. Just as a teaser, I am putting on the very first podcast that Jerry McCarty and Brad Savage made. Pie vs. Cake. Enjoy.

Dear Editor. I voted for my favorites in the Dudley Awards page. Where and when is the ceremony. -Dave

ED NOTE: Due to budget cutbacks, the awards presentation is online, and we will be talking about it in an upcoming podcast in Rick's Martini Bar.


Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46, Oscar-winning actor (Capote, The Master, Doubt) and director. Joan Mondale, 83, former Second Lady of the US (1977–1981). Richard Bull, 89, actor (Little House on the Prairie), natural causes. Ralph Kiner, 91, Hall of Fame baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates) and announcer (New York Mets), natural causes. Shirley Temple, 85, actress and diplomat, natural causes. Sid Caesar, 91, Emmy-winning comedian and actor (Your Show of Shows, Grease, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World). Ralph Waite, 85, actor (The Waltons, Roots). John Henson, 48, puppeteer (The Muppets, Sweetums), heart attack. Jim Fregosi, 71, baseball player (California Angels) and manager (Philadelphia Phillies), complications from a stroke. Mary Grace Canfield, 89, actress (Green Acres, Bewitched, General Hospital), lung cancer. Bob Casale, 61, guitarist (Devo), heart failure. Garrick Utley, 74, television journalist (NBC News), prostate cancer. Jim Lange, 81, game show host and disc jockey (The Dating Game, Name That Tune), heart attack. Harold Ramis, 69, writer, director and actor (Groundhog Day, Vacation, Ghostbusters), vasculitis. 


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