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This is the ninth annual McCarty Metro Awards presentation, brought to you by Bradric Productions. The aim is to acknowledge "the best of" the McCarty Metro in 2013. The prestigious Dudley Awards (right) are being presenteded to the winners in this edition. There were 6 categories, plus our Lifetime Achievement Award our readers voted on. Winners were decided by reader votes.

Best Page Of 2013

The Nominees Are...

Blast From The Past Bob Hope Calendar Dateline News
Final Thought Jerry's World Kidz Page Klutz o' Mania
Pigskin Pickem Quiz Rick's Martini Bar Peanut & Jocko


This was a very close vote this year as the competition and quality of work was great. This is the 9th consecutive award for this Metro Hall of Fame page.

Congratulations to the author Jerry McCarty.

Best Feature Of 2013

The Nominees Are...

72 Hour Film Project Auntie Margaret's Craft Corner Flash Game Of The Month Gone But Not Forgotten Kidz Quiz Secret Celebrity Soundoff Video Chat Room What The Hell Is That?


The second 72 Hour Film Project was held in April 2013, and included some great movies submitted by our readers. The premise was to create a 5 minute movie in 72 hours.The next 72 Hour Film Project is scheduled for July, 2014

Congrats to all submitters.

Best Writer Of 2013

The Nominees Are...

Jerry McCarty Kelly McCarty Mike McCarty


Jerry writes Jerry's World, Bob Hope Tweet's From Heaven, Peanut 'n Jocko, and he also directs, writes and stars in the weekly podcast called Rick's Martini Bar, which he does with Rick Farmiloe, Amanda Raymond, and Kelli Maroney. 

Congratulations Jerry.

Best Video Of 2013

The Nominees Are...

Big Story Or Big Sham Chity Flats Dial M


The film Chity Flats was also the winner of the McCarty Metro 72 Hour Film Project. It is based (very loosely) on the events preceding Jon & Jill's Wedding in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Congratulations to MacDaddy Productions.

Best Metro Trip Of 2013

The Nominees Are...

China - Jerry McCarty Vegas Baby Vegas 2013 Mackinac Island - Brad & Valerie's Wedding New England Cranberry Bog - Larry & Amanda Bend, Oregon Florida Vacation - Steve, Kristen, Megan & Jenna Grand Rapids - Jon & Jill's Wedding Western US - Vegas, LA, Seattle - Larry & Gina


Brad & Valerie's June wedding on Mackinac Island feature a great wedding and reception at the Island House Hotel, pre-wedding dinner at the Pink Pony, carriage rides, shopping, and fudge, fudge, and more fudge.

Congrats to Brad & Valerie

Top Metro News Event Of 2013

The Nominees Are...

150th Episode Of Rick's Martini Bar Birth Of Cooper McCarty
Birth Of Olivia McCarty Bonnaroo Brad & Valerie's Wedding
Dan McCarty Golf Classic Dan McCarty Texas Holdem
Jenna's First Communion Jon & Jill's Wedding Marathon Man
Megan's Confirmation Mike's Concert At Shelby Crossings


The wedding of Jon & Jill took place in August. Due to a water main break just hours prior to the reception at the hotel ballroom, the reception had to be moved on the fly a couple blocks away to The BOB, where everything turned out beautiful.

Congrats to Jon & Jill


The Readers Pick - Jerry McCarty

Jerry has excelled at his writing and comedy craft for many years now. As mentioned above, he has written the award winning Jerry's World for the past 22 years. He also created and has written Bob Hope Tweet's from Heaven for the past 5 years in the Metro, and also has his own followers on Facebook and Twitter. Jerry resurrected Peanut n' Jocko from the Weekly Reader, and made them a staple cartoon on the Metro.

. .

In 2010, Jerry took a recorded conversation with Kelly over the controversial issue of 'Pie vs Cake', and parlayed that into a weekly Hollywood Podcast called Rick's Martini Bar, which plays on radio stations, and featured in the Metro. Congratulations Jerry. 

The Editor's Pick - Dan McCarty

Dan was one of the original writers on the Metro. His work on 'Sawdust' is already in the rafters as the first Metro cartoon. He can be credited with making the first multimedia issue of the McCarty Metro as he cut out photographs from newspapers and then put funny captions or stories on them. It started out as a direct mail between Mike and DJ, but then he would make copies and send them to others. He also wrote the columns 'The Backyard Mechanic' and 'Dan The Medicine Man'.

. .

Dan was also very active during the Metro's "video" era putting out several hilarious submissions with Jerry, Larry and others. Although gone from us for almost 18 years, Dan's presence is still felt in each issue of the McCartyMetro. Congratuations DJ.




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