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In January, I had 2 weeks of Radiation.  Every day, I had to slide into a tube and have my body bombarded by Gamma Radiation.  My favorite part is that when they turn on the radiation, a big red “DANGER” sign lights up and everyone (but me) evacuates the room.  It really wasn’t that bad but the worst part was that I missed the McCarty Brothers Trip to Vegas. 

I had made it to all 15 of the previous Vegas, Baby, Vegas trips, before missing this one.  Including leaving the hospital last year to drive through the desert for 70’s Day. I’ll be ready for next year’s Vegas Trip, but I thought I would give you some of differences and similarities between Vegas with my brothers and having Radiation Treatment.

Similarities between Radiation and Las Vegas

I spent a lot of time throwing up from both Radiation and from drinking from that gigantic big neon boot of Booze from New York, New York.•Insurance at both the Black Jack table and for Radiation, are for suckers.

After both Radiation and after rolling dice, I was asked ‘Any craps?”

There are a surprisingly lot of people smoking, getting Oxygen, and driving Little Rascal Skooters at both Radiation and the Slot Machines.

Differences between Radiation and Las Vegas


During Radiation, when I threw up and passed out, no one drew a penis on my forehead and posted the photo on the Internet


In Radiation, no one gives you a complimentary cocktail when they take your money.


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