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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Bob ďValentineĒ Hope and I want to tell you it has been a wild and wacky winter.

How about Mike, Rick, Larry, Bob, Kelly, Steve, and Austin going to Vegas for the 15th Annual VBV Weekend. Isnít that something? I havenít seen that many family members go down in one night in Vegas since Michael Corleone ordered the Moe Green hit. Isnít that wild?

And how about Mike McCarty wearing his toupee again? Wasnít that wild? I have seen anyone lose his wig during craps like that, since the morning Elvis had 10 Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches. Isnít that something?

How about Kelly and Margaret traveling to Niagara Falls? Wasnít that something? Kelly hasnít seen flow like that since he peed off the Queen Mary. Isnít that wild?

How about Jerry McCarty getting 12 straight days of radiation, 2 MRIs, and 2 CT Scans? Is that wild? His doctor told him the only other way to get that many toxins into his system was to spend the weekend at Burning Man with Austin McCarty. Isnít that something?

How about Karen, Ryan, Missy, John, and Jill and the kids going to Disneyís Magic Kingdom in Florida. Wasnít that something? And to think they could have driven 1 hour and gone to the real Make Believe Land: ďDetroit Tiger Training Camp.Ē Isnít that wild? 

How about Kelly and Margaret McCarty going to the Macomb County Sports and Expo Center to look at the new technology? Isnít that wild? Thatís the first time Kelly has seen a tent assembled without a Clothes Line, Clothes Poles, and a Bed Spread. Isnít that something? 

And how about Wing Lee Restaurant in Sterling Heights, MI being caught with bugs in their Broccoli Chicken? Isnít that something? I havenít seen a worse restaurant infestation since last summer when the Three Blind Mice Pub had Cockroaches. Isnít that wild?

How about Gina and Larry spending their honeymoon in Hawaii? Wasnít that something? Thatís the first time Larry has seen a Double Rainbow since the Nashville Pride Parade. Isnít that wild?

I hope you all have a great holiday and....

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