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Hello Metro family and friends! I hope you survived winter, and remember, Spring is just around the corner... I promise!

I am really looking forward this month to our upcoming McCarty Metro staff spring break in sunny Florida. All my brothers get together and have a great time. Everyone flies in, but me and Larry will drive in style in the Chevy Trax. I am really looking forward to spending time with them all.

It is great to have our Cockroach music now on the streaming and download platforms. Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Spotify, and all other platforms now have Brad Savage & The Cockroaches available for download and purchase. We also have some of our old vinyl available for sale. See our Dateline News page for info. Thank you Austin for spearheading this.

Chances are that the next time we meet up here on the Metro, I will have a new shoulder! I fell and injured it last March, and the injury is so severe, that the surgeon is referring me to a doctor that can handle the extent of the injury and arthritic condition which has made it more complicated. I would just like to be able to throw a ball overhand to my grandkids, or even just pass the TV remote control to my wife without excruciating pain... (and not just because of what she is gonna change the channel to :) Stay tuned for more...

A quick recap on February... Margaret and I had our annual fine dining Valentine's dinner in an old, historic Castle of White in the foothills, with beautiful view of the picturesque Mount Clemens. Sliders, baby!

I had the privilege of attending my brother Steve's impromptu gathering of his old elementary, junior high, and high school friends who lived in or around the Haverhill subdivision in February. Lots of laughs and stories from back in the day. I reunited with old friends and made some new ones. Great seeing them all, and also remembering the lives of 2 great guys who have passed in Jim Seeling and Gary Davis.

I also attended the 14th annual Dan McCarty / UHY Cares Texas Holdem event which was held on February 16th which had been postponed the past 2 years because of Covid. It was great seeing so many people come together to support this incredible charity event, and was once again sold out with 180 players. The event raised over $30,000 which will support the many local charities in and around Detroit. Thank you Steve McCarty, UHY Cares team, and the fine folks at Petruzzello's in Troy for a first rate event. Also, thank you for the hundreds of players, donors, and wonderful sponsors for making this such a huge success.

Our 12th McCarty Metro Pigskin Pickem game came to an end with the Super Bowl in February as well. I would like to thank everyone who played this year. It is a 5 month commitment, but the time just flies by, and it is a lot of fun. Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs who won the  Super Bowl 57 game on the field, and congrats to our Pigskin champion Mike Lowder who won this years' event.

Thank you for taking the time to submit material this month, or just reading and participating in this issue. Just remember our readers are also our writers. Our next edition of the McCarty Metro be out in May, so I would like to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's day, a blessed Easter, and a Fun (there's a spider on the wall) April Fools!

As a child, into my adult life, and still today, Easter always has been a confusing and also emotional time for me. The sadness of death... The happiness of life... Trying to wrap my head around the bible passage "For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life." I believe it takes a lifetime to truly appreciate what the word 'love' actually means. The final thought I leave you this month with a story helped me connect those dots, and I hope it does for you too...



"My parents were married for 55 years. One morning, my mom was going downstairs to make dad breakfast, she had a heart attack and fell. My father picked her up as best he could and almost dragged her into the truck. At full speed, without respecting traffic lights, he drove her to the hospital.

When he arrived, unfortunately she was no longer with us.

During the funeral, my father did not speak; his gaze was lost. He hardly cried.

That night, his children joined him. In an atmosphere of pain and nostalgia, we remembered beautiful anecdotes and he asked my brother, a theologian, to tell him where Mom would be at that moment. My brother began to talk about life after death, and guesses as to how and where she would be.

My father listened carefully. Suddenly he asked us to take him to the cemetery.

Dad!" we replied, "it's 11 at night, we can't go to the cemetery right now!"

He raised his voice, and with a glazed look he said:

"Don't argue with me, please don't argue with the man who just lost his wife of 55 years!"

There was a moment of respectful silence, we didn't argue anymore. We went to the cemetery, we asked the night watchman for permission. With a flashlight we reached the tomb. My father fell to his knees, prayed and told his children, who watched the scene moved:

Dad said, "It was 55 years... you know? No one can talk about true love if they have no idea what it's like to share life with a woman."

He paused and wiped his face. "She and I, we were together in that crisis. I changed jobs..." he continued. "We packed up when we sold the house and moved out of town. We shared the joy of seeing our children finish their careers, we mourned the departure of loved ones side by side, we prayed together in the waiting room of some hospitals, we support each other in pain, we hug each Christmas, and we forgive our mistakes... Children, now it's gone, and I'm happy, do you know why?

Because she left before me. She didn't have to go through the agony and pain of burying me, of being left alone after my departure. I will be the one to go through that, and I thank God. I love her so much that I wouldn't have liked her to suffer..."

When my father finished speaking, my brothers and I had tears streaming down our faces. We hugged him, and he comforted us, "It's okay, we can go home, it's been a good day."

That night I understood what true love is; It is far from romanticism, it does not have much to do with eroticism, or with sex, rather it is linked to work, to complement, to care and, above all, to the true love that two really committed people profess ".


Here's to having that love and peace in your hearts this Easter season...

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