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ll, we just had the Brad Savage and the Cockroaches - One Night Only reunion show, and thinking of that crappy concert makes me more shocked than having to run Brad Savage’s homemade lighting switchbox. We had way better concerts 35 years ago than they do now.

Did you see all those fancy, schmancy lights that Brad Savage and the Cockroaches had on the stage at the Three Blind Mice Pub? They had Globos, Strobe Lights, Disco Balls, Spinners and Lasers. Back when we started DJing, Brad Savage took a metal shelf from Sears and put blinking Christmas Lights on it. Then he covered it with an old red bedspread and plugged it in. Sure you could barely see the lights and that old bed spread smelled like urine, but we didn’t care, we loved it!

And I saw 10 different people playing and singing on stage during that Brad Savage Reunion Concert! When Mac and the Lost Cause played all they needed was 3 people. They had Mike McCarty on Guitar, Bradley Mathers on Drums, and Jim Pass on Bass Guitar. Sure they didn’t have any microphones and the only song they knew was “You Really Got Me”, but we didn’t care, we loved it!

And how about that Brad Savage and the Cockroaches Concert being streamed on Facebook Live? “Ewwww – I’m going to force everyone on social media to listen to my crappy songs on their home computers”. Fiddle Fooey!! When we went to concerts, if you wanted to record it, you hid a cassette recorder in your jacket. Sure all you usually tape recorded was a lot crowd noise and some burnout asking if you want a hit off his joint and bumping his head on a metal railing, but we didn’t care we loved it!

So, you can go sit in your Brad Savage and the Cockroaches T-Shirt and watch that crappy concert on YouTube while playing with your 3D Glasses, Wax Lips, Swim Goggles and whatever other crappy souvenirs you got. As for me, I’m grabbing my cassette player and going to 50th Reunion of “Mac and the Lost Cause” and I’m going to listen to a real concert like we used to!



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