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Garry Marshall, one of the great people in Hollywood, passed away recently.  Although they gave the cause of death as pneumonia, Garry battled both prostate cancer and throat cancer and went through Chemotherapy and Radiation.  I interviewed Garry Marshall for my podcast, “Rick’s Martini Bar” and talked about his life.  When our mutual friend, Gwenda Perez, told Garry about my cancer, his advice was simple.  “Tell him to eat, even though it’s hard, eat!”

It was an honor to meet and interview Garry Marshall.  The creator of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Pretty Woman, to Valentine’s Day, he was one of the greats.


With every doctor I visit, they make me fill out forms.  As a McCarty, I am really confused that they use ¾ of the page to me if I’ve had a bunch of diseases that I can’t even pronounce, but only a 1 inch square to write the names of my siblings.


Doctor (reviewing my health form): Wow, you don’t smoke or drink, and your blood pressure is great.  You are in perfect health.

Me: Well, except for the incurable bone cancer.

Doctor: Oh yeah, there is that.


I did get some good news this month.  I visited a doctor at UCLA who told me that although bone cancer is incurable, I could live for decades.  Prior to that, my oncologist had told me that 75% of people with bone cancer die within 5 years.  They may mean the same thing, but I like the UCLA doctor better and fired my oncologist.

"The ALS people are smart in naming their disease after Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig Disease is easier to pronounce and everyone liked him.
Dan Haggerty died of bone cancer, so from now on I’m just gonna tell people I have “Grizzly Adams Disease” and let them figure it out.”


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