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This is the tenth annual McCarty Metro Awards presentation, brought to you by Bradric Productions. The goal of this is to acknowledge the best of the McCarty Metro in 2014. The prestigious Dudley Award (right) were voted on in our February edition by the readers, and will be presented in this March issue. This year, there were 5 categories, plus our annual Lifetime Achievement Award that were voted on. Again, all winners were decided on soley by reader votes.


Best Page Of 2014

The Nominees Are...

Blast From The Past
Bob Hope Tweets
Dateline News
2014 Dudley Awards
Final Thought
Jerry's World
Pigskin Pickem
Peanut & Jocko
Rick's Martini Bar
Rod And Mario


This the first win for the Final Thought. It is the last page everyone sees each month in the Metro. The editor wraps up each edition with an inspirational story that hopefully leaves a good impression with the readers. Thank you all who voted.

Best Metro Feature Of 2014

The Nominees Are...

Gone But Not Forgotten
June Film Project
Secret Celebrity
Video Chat Room
What The Hell Is That?


This is the second consecutive win for the McCarty Metro Film Project in the Feature category. In it's 4th year, the project had the most entries and votes than ever before. Contrats to all our submitters for your support.


Best Writer Of 2014

The Nominees Are...

Jerry McCarty Kelly McCarty  Mike McCarty


This is the 10th consecutive win for Jerry in the Writing category. He not only is one of our top submitters to the Metro, but also authors Jerry's World, Bob Hope Tweets From Heaven, Peanut & Jocko and appears weekly in the podcast Rick's Martini Bar. Thank you for all you do, and Congratulations Jerry!

Best Metro Trip Of 2014

The Nominees Are...

Arizona - Amanda goes to the Hot Air Balloon Festival
China - Jerry McCarty
Europe - Mike & Karen traveled to Sicily and Croatia
Florida - Steve, Kristen, Megan & Jenna Vacations
Las Vegas - Vegas Baby Vegas 2014
Michigan - Larry, Gina, Amanda, Sara, Robby & Bobby for Mom's birthday
New Zealand - Kevin & Stephanie's honeymoon
Oregon - Austin, Chris & Steve travel to Eugene for the MSU/Oregon game
Oregon - Margaret & Kelly visit during a blizzard
Shanghai - Austin traveled to Shanghai, China


In the late spring, Mike and Karen McCarty traveled to Croatia and Scicily. Mike documented the trip via a childrens story in the July issue. It looks like they had a great time. Congrats Mike & Karen.

Top Metro News Event Of 2014

The Nominees Are...

Aaron & Lauren's Cross Country Move from Washington to NC
Amanda's Polar Plunge in Lake St. Clair in the Newspaper
Austin Re-Elected To Office to a second term
Austin Runs The Detroit Free Press Marathon
Brad's Successful Knee Surgery
Dan McCarty 2014 Texas Holdem Event - At The Emagine Theater
Jill Appears In A Full Page Ad For St. Mary's Hospital
Kevin & Stephanie's Wedding
Luke McCarty appearing in a Hudsonville Baseball TV News Report
Margaret McCarty's Retirement
McCarty / Calati Family Reunion
McCarty Metro June Film Project
Mike & Karen McCarty's European Vacation
Valerie McCarty Featured in Knitted Bliss Magazine


On October 11th, 2015, Stephanie Harakas and Kevin McCarty were married at the Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield. It was a great day. Congrats once again to Kevin & Stephanie.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the McCarty Metro's highest award for the person, character, article or column that has stood the test of time. The award is voted on purely by our readers, and a second Lifetime Achievement Award may be given out by the current editor or any of the previous editors.


Rick's Martini Bar is a weekly podcast started 5 years ago in February 2010. It has grown to a national audience on multiple radio stations and the iTunes store, but always remembering it's humble beginnings right here on the McCarty Metro. Jerry McCarty has hosted everyone of the over 200 episodes. He has been joined by co-hosts, including the owner of the Martini Bar, animator Rick Farmiloe, writer Amanda Raymond, and actress Kelli Maroney. The show discusses the entertainment business from an inside prespective as well as that of the fans. Many celebrities have been guests at the Martini Bar over the years including actors, directors, producers, authors, and musicians. Congratulations to Rick's Martini Bar on your induction in the McCarty Metro Hall Of Fame.


While it can be debated extensively who the best musician in the McCarty family was, or even who was in the best band, there is no denying that "Mac & The Lost Cause" in the 1960's opened many doors and was influential to others in the music business even years after their messy breakup. Rick & Larry went on to drum, DJ went on to play bass, and Kelly, Jerry, and Steve all took up and played guitar. Three other bands were formed on the heels of the "Cause", including "TILCH!", "Brad Savage & The Cockroaches", and "Sanxuary", and all 3 are quick to credit the Lost Cause as a major influence to their music. Contratulations to Mac & The Lost Cause members Mike McCarty, Jim Pass, and Brad Mathers, for your induction into the McCarty Metro Hall Of Fame.

ED NOTE: Thank You Again For You Continued Support, And We'll See You Back Next Year For The 2016 McCarty Metro Awards


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