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With Jer

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent my way.  I really appreciate UHY-Cares and Brad Savage and the Cockroaches, who are raising money for Cancer research.  There are new treatments all the time and with this research, I am sure a cure will be found soon.


This month, I had lots of new tests.  MRI, CAT Scan, PET Scan, and a Gastrostudy.  I figure that all of these scans may be Karma punishment for the number of times I scanned my butt on the Xerox Copier.

Cancer isn’t funny, but the things that happen to you
when you have it sure are.

I complained last month about the hospital gowns, but this month I had to wear them again for my MRI.  This machine is supposed to be able to see right through my skin and into my bones, you’d think it would be able to see through my Cargo Shorts.


The MRI uses magnets instead of radiation so it is supposed to be safer, but the doctors still run out of the room after they turn it on.  My first MRI was one and a half hours.   My last one was 45 Minutes, but I still get a little claustrophobic.   I asked the MRI Technician, “Why don’t you put a TV on the ceiling.  His response was, “Everybody tells us that.”


So... If everybody tells them, why don’t they do it?

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Jerry McCarty



American Cancer Society
St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital




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