Whose Your Daddy?

I say Michael, Dennis, Ricky, Danny, Larry, Kelly, Jerry, Steve. Whose your Daddy? If you said Bob McCarty, you're right! Here is a good quiz. I will give the children's names, all you need to do is tell me who the famous father is. See who can get the most?

1. Wally, Theodore
2. George, Jeb
3. Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet Emuukha Rodan, Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen
4. Mark, Randy, Brad
5. Paris, Prince
6. Vanessa, Theodore, Rudy, Sondra, Denise
7. George Jr., George Jr., George Jr., George Jr., George Jr.
8. Will, Holly
9. Margaret, Lisa, Bartholomew
10. Wednesday, Pugsley

Your Name: .....

Last Month's Answers To... Couch Potato

Sitting on my couch, I am the master of music in my TV shows. Here is a very difficult list of popular TV shows from past and present. See how many you can get (you'll be lucky to get half)
ED NOTE: TO PLAY THE SONGS>>>>> Click the play arrow to start a song, then click the white square next to it to stop the song before proceeding to the next selection.

1. Family Guy6. Saved By The Bell
2. Nightline7. Hockey Night In Canada
3. Busom Buddies8. Little House On The Prarie
4. Boy Meets World9. Doogie Howser MD
5. Fresh Prince10. Sesame Street

Congratulations To... 

Sorry... but NOBODY even came close.

Instead of embarrassing the people that actually took a shot at this quiz, I'd rather just say, "ALL you guys are lame, even the ones that didn't answer, and none of you belong in the same quiz ring as me."



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