This is Bob ďIndependence DayĒ Hope here and I wanna tell you ladies and gentlemen,
I canít believe it is already July.

  • How about that Mike and Karen McCarty, 36 years of marriage. Isnít that wild? Mike first fell for Karen at Michigan State University and heís been falling ever since.

  • And we all canít wait until those fireworks by Mom McCartyís house. Itís gonna be wild. People say the last time there was that many sparks on Goldridge Lane was when Brad McCarty tried to use the electric edger in the rain. Isnít that something?

  • And in Gaylord, Michigan the Department of natural resources allowed the chopping down of a 150 year old White Pine. Isnít that something? People in Michigan say they havenít seen a log that big since Steve McCarty clogged the toilet at the Hometown Country Buffet. Isnít that wild?

  • And out in California, the US Coast Guard stopped the smuggling of 15,000 Kilos of Cocaine into the port of Long Beach. The Long Beach police said that is the most crack they have seen since Kelly McCarty mooned the Queen Mary. How about that?

  • And how about that Universal Studios burning down after Scott and Erin and Kristen and Megan visited California, I havenít heard of anything that suspicious in California since Michael Jackson built a petting zoo. Isnít that something??



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