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1. What's this?

2. What's this?


3.  What unusual property do the words FLOUR, TERN, and THIRSTY have in common? Answer

4. There were 3 men. One was on the east coast, one was on the west coast, and one was in Montana. The man in Montana called his 2 friends, but when they answered they both said that they were awakened by his call. The man in Montana said it was only 8pm but forgot about the time zones. The man on the east coast said it was 10pm. The man on the west coast said it was 10pm as well. How is this possible? Answer


September Metro Staff
Thank you to the following for their contributions to this month's McCarty Metro

Bob Balch, Gerry Bufalini, Jerome Klotz, Dan Kresbaugh Austin McCarty, Brad McCarty, Jerry McCarty
Kelly McCarty, Kristen McCarty, Larry McCarty
Margaret McCarty, Steve McCarty, Gwenda Perez
Millard Pickney, Denise Sidor, Bev Van Walleghem


September Trivia Question

What is the common denominator between Hans Christian Andersen, Carol Burnett, Eric Clapton, James Earl Jones, Barry Manilow, Jack Nicholson, Lisa Marie Presley, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Frank Sinatra, and Tiger Woods?


Last Month's
What Academy Award nominated movie used sounds from a Michigan State / Notre Dame football game as part of its' soundtrack?


No one got it right



It is back to school time, and young or old, we at the Metro want to know what are/were your favorite subjects in school?

Vote for 1, 2, or as many as you would like.

Last month's results to the question: What are the greatest video games of all time? ( ) indicates votes
New Mario Brothers (1)Yoshi's Island (1)Pac-Man (4)Pong (2)
Centipede (3)Intellivision Baseball (1)Intellivision Football (1)Frogger (2)
Halo 3 (1)Alien Invasion (1)Asteroids (1)Mario Brothers (1)
Final Fantasy (2)Illusion of Gia (1)Crystalis (1)Dragon Warrior IV (1)


Your Name:.


 Great job k. I can't figure out how to see the gull lake pics. -Steve
ED NOTE: Thanks to Bob for putting the golf pics together. You will need to download Flash on your co

Happy belated birthday, I have a feeling I missed it. I hope you have a wonderful August. Thanks again for putting the metro together. -Gwenda
ED NOTE: Gwenda. It is my pleasure to keep the McCarty Metro running, thanks to readers like you that support it with your submissions and articles.


Submit an interesting or funny caption for this picture





Last Month's Captions

Look I found something that's taller than me
I've seen this same thing at Irish Hills... the room is tilted!
Just what we need, someone adding to the tilt ... why don't they push from the other side
Herman Munster! You put that tower back the way it was!
Through the use of trick photography, this man seems shorter than that tower.
Next movie... Austin McCarty vs. Godzilla

Can you recognize our secret celebrity?

Your Name:.


Last Month's Celebrity

Erin Moran
(aka Joanie Cunningham)

Congratulations to... Lynne Rohde, L. Wendt, Jerry McCarty, Kathlene, Buck Tufitti, Mac, Steve-O, Raiff

Would a grenade thrown into a kitchen in France result in Linoleum Blownapart?



Signs Your Editor Is Out of Shape

He tore a hole in his PJ's just trying to turn off the alarm clock.
Instead of "Dear Editor", letters to the SOUND OFF column start with "HEY FATASS".
He threw his back out by carrying a bag of groceries.
Little kids come up to him, pokes him in the stomach and expects him to giggle.
He pulled a groin during sex.
His record is 34 Pushups, but could have done more if the damn Ice Cream Man would have taken plastic.
He has Richard Simmons on his speed dial. 
He cramps up just watching golf on TV.
Watching Rocky Balboa was his idea of a workout video. 
Margaret went clothes shopping with him, and after 2 hours, firmly pulled him away from the jeans rack and whispered "Its Sansabelt Time, Tabo!"

Don't be surprised if somewhere, some day, when you least expect it, someone comes up to you and says...

You're 21, And Your In The


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