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Here is a little trivia game I made up to see if you know the answers of common things that you heard about, played, learned, or saw. Feel free to use one of your lifelines, but don't embarrass yourself by looking up the answers, because the answer is right in front of you.

1. In the game "20 Questions", what kitchen item is most often used to judge the size of an item?
Refrigerator Microwave Bread Box None of These
2. What fast food company did an entire commercial just repeating the ingredients of it's main product?
Burger King McDonald's Taco Bell None Of These
3. What did Indiana Jones profess to be afraid of?
The Dark The Fog Spiders None of These
4. In the board game "Clue" what was not a weapon?
Rope Candlestick Dynamite None of These
5.According to wise Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
3 1026 The world may never know None of These
6. What Simpson characters' first name is the same as the last name of a famous professional golfer?
Mr. Burns Mr. Smithers Comic Book Guy None of These
7. On what continent would you find the driest place on earth? Here's a big hint... Think "A" ; - )
Asia Africa Australia None of These
8. What movie probably would have scared nursery rhyme girl Miss Muffet?
Anaconda Arachnophobia Shrek None of These
9. In the game Monopoly, what do you get for passing GO?
Free Roll Money Chance Card None of These
10. Former NBA great David Robinson was known by what nickname?
Garbage Man Mail Man Admiral None of These





How Does It End

Here is a list of companies we all know and have seen the signs. Your job is to figure out is the name singular, plural, or does it end with an apostrophe s. No fair looking these up! I want you to do it from memory. I want to know, what is the name on the sign.

3Aunt JemimaAunt JemimasAunt Jemima's
4Farmer JackFarmer JacksFarmer Jack's
6Chuck E CheeseChuck E CheesesChuck E Cheese's
7White CastleWhite CastlesWhite Castle's
8JC PenneyJC PenneysJC Penney's




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