Each month during the school year, Austin and Brad McCarty, who are off at college, will submit a report about anything they want.


Central Michigan


Hi McCarty's

Our CMU football team needs only one more win (3 games left) for a bowl bid. I'm pretty stoked!!! Central Michigan University @ Western Michigan University (our big rivals) is gonna be on ESPN2 Tuesday Nov. 6th. I got CMU winning by 10 against our instate rivals.

Things going on with me... I just bought guitar hero 3 and my fingers are raaaaw.  Ghost tours around/through the campus buildings are going on. My midterms are over (thank God).  Two weeks of freakin good times. 

I'll see everyone at Thanksgiving.


Michigan State


Hey there people!

Just want to tell all you folks that MSU is rockin' to the MAX. And oh boy, the football games are A-MAZING. Next week is the big one- Michigan State against U of M. Oh Snap! This is gonna be awesome. Do you realize how crazy it will be here in East Lansing? You have no idea. Heck, I even have no idea. But either way some Spartans are gonna hunt down some wolverines and there'll be a battle alright. Sparty'll come out on top. No doubt in my mind. It will be the game of games, the battles of battles, and even Chuck Norris himself will say, "Woah, who's playing? I gotta check this out." That's right.

I'm out. (Exam tomorrow [OH NOES])





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