Did ya know that the banjo is America's only true native musical instrument.
It was first developed in the South in the 1790s.





Howdy Mike, What kind of guitar and what kind of banjo do you play? - Curious in Tennessee
Howdy right back at’cha, Curious: I play a Taylor guitar (awesome sound, especially in the bass notes) and a Gold Tone banjo (great sound with hammer-ons and pull-offs, especially). 

Dear Mac, Do you have favorite songs on the banjo and guitar? - L.A. Sound
Hi L.A., Sure do. “Lonesome Road Blues” on the banjo and “Back in the U.S.S.R.” and “Daydream” on the guitar.

Hi Dad, Picked with anybody lately? - Ryan, Hudsonville
Hi Ry, Don’tcha remember? We picked on your balcony the other night. Nice job on your guitar. Thanks for letting me and my banjo hang out. Tell the neighbors thanks for throwing the fresh produce. Usually, I get old rotten tomatoes. Give me a call next time you’re up to pick.

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Banjo tablatures and bluegrass info

West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association

Bluegrass Attic

International Bluegrass Music Association

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