Vista Compatible: Yes or No?

Are you one of the many who have made the switch over to the new operating system of Windows Vista? If so, are you having some trouble finding programs and other applications that will work on your new computer? I know a lot of computer companies are working very hard to test their products for Vista compatibility, but with there being so many, it's a little difficult to keep up. So, what can we all do in the meantime?

Just when you thought you and your
computer were starting to get along...

Well, lucky for you, Microsoft has compiled a list of all the applications that have earned either the "Certified for Windows Vista" or "Works with Windows Vista" logo. So, if you have bought a piece of software recently and you see either of those logos printed on it, that means it will work successfully with Vista. But if you are questioning the software you had before you upgraded to Vista, Microsoft's list may help you out tremendously.

The list is laid out into three columns: Company, Product Name and Version. The number of programs on the list have gone up from approximately 104 in February 2007 to over 250 now in May 2007. If you want to check the list out for yourself, just click here. If you scroll past the introduction, you'll see the list toward the bottom of the page. You can just take your time and browse through the program names and who knows, maybe you'll find exactly what you've been waiting for. Check it out today!





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