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1. During what season do ants eat most?
  Summer. Thats when they go to lots of picnics

2. How can a leopard change his spots?

Move to another place

3. How can you keep a rooster from crowing on Monday morning?
Eat him for dinner on Sunday

4. How can you tell that a cat likes the rain?
Because when it rains it purrs

5. Why did the little mountain lose at poker?
Because it was only a bluff.


Nothing in these pictures, neither the man, the spider, or the backgrounds are actually moving. They are NOT coming after you!!!



Margaret's Craft Corner
Make a periscope to see around object on your next camping adventure

What You will need:

Two 1-quart milk cartons 
Two small pocket mirrors (flat, square ones work best) 
Utility knife or X-Acto knife 
Pencil or pen 
Masking tape 

DANGER!! An X-Acto knife is very, very sharp. Have Mom or Dad do all the cutting in this project. 


Did You Know?

Periscope comes from two Greek words, peri, meaning "around," and scopus, "to look." A periscope lets you look around walls, corners, or other obstacles. Sub-marines have periscopes so the sailors inside can see what's on the surface of the water, even if the ship itself is below the waves.


1Use the knife to cut around the top of each milk carton, removing the peaked "roof."6Hold the carton up to your eye and look through the hole that you cut. You should see your ceiling through the top of the carton. If what you see looks tilted, adjust the mirror and tape it again.
2Cut a hole at the bottom of the front of one milk carton. Leave about 1/4 inch of carton on each side of the hole.7Repeat steps 2 through 6 with the second milk carton.
Put the carton on its side and turn it so the hole you just cut is facing to your right. On the side that's facing up, measure 2 3/4 inches up the left edge of the carton, and use the pencil to make a mark there. Now, use your ruler to draw a diagonal line from the bottom right corner to the mark you made

Stand one carton up on a table, with the hole facing you. Place the other carton upside-down, with the mirror on the top and the hole facing away from you.

4Starting at the bottom right corner, cut on that line. Don't cut all the way to the left edge of the carton-just make the cut as long as one side of your mirror. If your mirror is thick, widen the cut to fit.9Use your hand to pinch the open end of the upside-down carton just enough for it to slide into the other carton. Tape the two cartons together
5Slide the mirror through the slot so the reflecting side faces the hole in the front of the carton. Tape the mirror loosely in place.10Now you have a periscope! If you look through the bottom hole, you can see over fences that are taller than you. If you look through the top hole, you can see under tables. If you hold it sideways, you can see around corners.

Psychic Quiz

This is a really short quiz with astonishing results; It'll only take a minute or two. When asked to name people you know, please be truthful; it matters.

1. First pick a number between 2 and 9 ....
2. Now type the first name of a person you feel attracted to...
3. Type the first color you think of...
4. What was the name of your first pet?...
5. Now please put down the names of two colleagues or friends ...  
6. Finally, make a wish...


Space Doctor
You are the doctor on a space mission to Mars. Can you keep everyone healthy on the trip?


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