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Your Doctors And Nurses - What To Ask Them -  What To Tell Them

ED NOTE: To take care of your health, you need to feel comfortable talking with your doctors and nurses. Here are some tips to help make you feel more comfortable. Also, please download the charts I have provided here. They are a great way of documenting your health to your doctor.



Ask questions. If you don't understand what your doctors or nurses say, ask them to explain. Always ask about any medicines or tests they say you need. If you don't ask, they may think you have all the information you want.

Let your doctors and nurses know if you need more time to ask questions about your health. If the doctor doesn't have time that day, you may be able to talk to another doctor or nurse, schedule another appointment, or find out when you can call later to speak to someone.

Some doctors and health plans have call-in lines. If you call, you can speak to an advice nurse. All through this guide are Ask Your Doctor or Nurse questions. They are examples of the kinds of questions you may want to ask.


Your health history. Tell your doctors and nurses about your health history. For example, tell them about any major diseases or operations you have had. Be sure to mention family history of diseases and conditions. For example, if high blood pressure runs in your family, let your doctor know.

Your health now. Only you know how you feel and whether you feel differently than you did before. Tell your doctors and nurses. Also tell them what medicines you take. Don't hesitate to report personal information. Feel free to talk about your beliefs and concerns. You don't need to wait to be asked.

The Prevention Charts that you can download at the top of this page, can be helpful when your doctors need to know about your health history, medicines you are taking, and what medical tests you may need or have already had.

Be sure to tell your doctors and nurses if you have any allergies or reactions to medicines.

Follow Up

Once you leave the doctor's office, follow up. If you have questions, call the doctor's office. If you have problems with your medicine, call your doctor or your pharmacist. If you need to see a specialist or get a test, make the appointment or ask your doctor's office to make the appointment. If you do not hear from your doctor or nurse about test results, call and ask. If you don't understand the results, ask what they mean.

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