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The McCarty Metro's new recipe section are favorite dishes submitted by our readers. Here is your chance to share your favorite recipe, or just show off to the rest of the world. Each month has a theme. Send in your recipes (as many as you wish), but stick to the next month's theme. Below, you will find what each month has planned, and a submission form. I would like to get at least one recipe from every reader..


"So what's the deal with brunch, I mean that if it's a combination of breakfast and lunch, how comes there's no lupper or no linner." 
-Jerry Seinfeld

October Submitted Dishes


Dish & ChefIngredientsDirections
Bloody Heart Jell-O
1 Package Red Jell-O
1 Heart Mold
1 Zip Lock Bag
1 Cup Karo Syrup
2 TSP Red Food Coloring
Make a Red Jell-O in a Heart Mold. Before putting in the refrigerator, put a zip lock bag in the mold with Karo Syrup with red food coloring. When it hardens, serve to your guests and watch when they cut into the Jell-O, the red blood oozes out. Make sure you get the zip lock bag out of the Jell-O before your friends choke on it and sue you.
Boogers on a Stick
-Aunt Kristen
stick pretzels
Velveeta cheese
green food color
Melt Velveeta, add 5 or so drops of green food color, then dip one end of pretzel stick in goop. Put on wax paper. YUM, booger on a stick.
Spaghetti & Eyeballs


1 1/2 pounds ground beef 
1 cup seasoned bread crumbs 
1 tablespoon ketchup 
1 egg 
1/4 teaspoon pepper 
1/2 teaspoon oregano 
7 ounces olives -- pimento-stuffed 
14 ounces spaghetti sauce 
3 quarts water 
1 teaspoon salt 
8 ounces spaghetti 
2 tablespoons butter or margarine 
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix the ground beef, bread crumbs, ketchup, egg, pepper and oregano in a large bowl. Then form the meat mixture into about 18 to 24 eyeball-sized balls. Press an olive into each ball, pimento side out. Place the eyeballs in a baking dish, cover them with spaghetti sauce and bake for 45 minutes. About 15 minutes before the eyeballs are done, fill a large pot with 3 quarts of water. Add salt. Set on medium heat and follow package directions to cook the spaghetti. Drain and transfer it to a serving bowl and toss with the butter or margarine. When your eyeballs are done, remove them from the oven and spoon onto the spaghetti, irises up. Spoon sauce from the pan around them.
Vomit Stew
2 teaspoons butter or margarine 
2 medium onions -- chopped 
16 ounces corn, cream-style 
2 cans cream of mushroom soup, condensed 
2 cups milk 
tomatoes, leftover green beans, or whatever vegetables you have 
Melt the butter in a large saucepan over low heat. Add the chopped onions and sauté until they are softened and light brown. Add the corn, soup and milk and stir together. Cut up all of the vegetables you will be using into small pieces. Add them to the saucepan and cook over medium heat until the upchuck begins to boil. Turn down the heat immediately and continue to cook on low for about 5 minutes. Ladle the upchuck into individual bowls.
Ghosts on Broomsticks

1 pound white chocolate chips 
1/2 cup tiny red cinnamon candies 
12 wooden sticks 
Heat 2 inches of water to simmering, not boiling, in the bottom of a double boiler. Place the white chocolate chips in the smaller pot and set it over the pot of simmering water. Cook on low heat, stirring constantly until the chocolate is fully melted. Remove from the heat. Cover 2 cookie sheets with waxed paper. Arrange the wooden sticks on the waxed paper, 6 to a sheet. Spoon ghost-shaped blobs of chocolate onto the paper, partially covering each stick. Press 2 candies into each ghost for eyes. Freeze ghosts for 15 minutes, or until hard.
Disappearing Candy
One bowl
Candy of your choice
Fill bowl with candy. Give individual candies to trick-or-treaters. Watch candy disappear. (Your results may vary depending on type of candy. Caution: If you use candy corn, you may have a silo full left over, as well as soaped windows.)

October is your favorite Halloween or Haunted dish

Thanksgiving Side Dishes


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