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Metro Quiz

October Questions
Last month I had cartoon theme songs. This month is a little bit tougher. These are all theme songs to popular TV shows, past and present.

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Columbus Day Quiz - How much do you know about Christopher Columbus?
Put the letter next to the correct answer in the answer box to the right

1. When Columbus landed in the Americas, he was convinced he had found:
A) Africa B) Asia C) The Ponderosa D) Cuba
2. Which was NOT one of Columbus’ ships?
A) Nino B) Santa Maria C) Pinto D) Nina
3. On Oct. 12, 1492, Columbus and his crew made their first landfall in the Americas on a small island in the Bahamas. He named it: 
A) The Florida Keys B) San Salvador C) Columbia D) Gilligan’s Isle
4. Columbus claimed the island for:
A) Portugal B) Italy C) Himself D) Spain
5. When he returned to Europe, Columbus received a new title. It was:
A) “Wrong Way” Chris, B) Conquerer of the Seven Seas, C) “Admiral of the Ocean Seas,” D) “Master and Commander”
6. Columbus had his trouble with the colonists in the New World. They were so put out with him that the Home Country sent someone to replace him as governor. The new guy was: A) Don Diego de la Vega, B) Francisco de Bobadilla, C) Steve Mariucci, or D) Shakira
7. Columbus was arrested, chained, put on a ship and:
A) Stripped of his titles, B) Strip searched, C) Tar and feathered, D) Ordered to walk the plank.
8. Columbus died in 1506. His body was moved around. The location of his body is:
A) Santo Domingo, B) Havana, Cuba, C) Debated D) Sevilla, Spain
9. Columbus Day is not a very popular holiday because: A) Columbus turned the native people into slaves for the colonists, B) His voyages introduced the natives to measles, malaria, smallpox and other European diseases. C) Millions of natives died as a result. D) All of the above.
10. The name of the NHL’s Columbus hockey team is the:
A) Checkers B) Blue Jackets C) Christophers D) Conquerers
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