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What's In This Month's Issue

  • Hurricane Charley
    The Metro sent reporters Steve, Kristen & Megan into the eye of the hurricane, but they report the hurricane was no match for what happened in the aftermath.
  • Australia
    Margaret & Brad return from Australia with their photo gallery. ED NOTE: I lowered the number of pictures from 687 down to 66 for the web. You can see all the photos in a scrapbook coming soon.
  • Jerry's World
    Jerry takes a look back when kids would talk about their schools and say the magic words, "...AND I LOVED IT!"
  • Dan McCarty Golf Classic
    The final numbers are in, and the 2004 DMGC turned out to be the most successful outing ever.
    Including the latest news, birthdays, anniversaries, Peanut & Jocko, a Quiz, and of course, ramblings from the McCarty Metro reporters.


Here's a little Australian souvenir for you. It's called a "Kangaroo Lucky Pouch"

The pouch was first observed by Captain James Cook in 1700 when he observed the aboriginal tribesmen wearing this piece of leather around their neck to carry things. Today, it is considered a good luck charm when people store their valuables in it.

The kangaroos stored their valuables in them (all their family jewels) as it is made from 100% Kangaroo Scrotum.

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Quick Puzzles

To get you ready for the Trivia Contest below, and the monthly Metro Quiz inside, here are some quick puzzles to sharpen your noggin.

1. What is the difference between a crisp new $10 bill and a dirty old torn one? Click Here
2. How would you rearrange the letters in the words new door to make one word? Click Here
3. What number gives the same result when it is added to five as when it is multiplied by five? Click Here

Trivia Contest

September Question...

Detroit Tiger pitcher Jeremy Bonderman struck out 14 Chicago White Sox hitters in one game this past month. Who was the last Tiger pitcher before Bonderman to strike out at least 14 in a game?

Your Name:

August Results...

Congratulations to... Reuben Mathers

What name brand product, introduced in 1957 for 37 cents is still very popular today with over 1.6 billion sold each year?"

"The Whopper"

Metro Caption Contest

Submit A Caption For This Picture...

What Are These Miller Lite Girls Thinking?

Your Name:
They Are Thinking...


August Results...
#1. Kristen! I think Hurricane Charley is over. That wasn't so bad... I'll go out and look for any damage on our condo. - Submitted and actually said by Steve

#2 "Don't worry Michael, the mechanic is #2 on our speed dial." - Submitted by Ryan & Missy

#3 Honest occifer I'm sotally tober. - Submitted by Jonathan Woodson

Thank you for all your submissions!

Runners Up:
I'm ok, I'm ok. (That's Mike)
Mike! You bought a NEW car!
Well,  I did tell the valet "someplace close"
Queen Latifa gives birth to Ford Taurus in her bedroom.  Her 10th child, it is spit out like a watermelon seed and launched through the ceiling.
The result of filling out a bank deposit slip while driving (That's DJ)
OK, now let's just rock it to get it out. Drive...Reverse...Drive (That's Dad)

Metro Sound Off

Beautifully written article by Jerry Klotz (Van Halen, 2004).  I laughed, I cried, I felt ashamed, but most of all I laughed.  A wonderful time was had by all......well almost all. See you at the DMGC! -L.Wendt

Last month's quiz (The McCarty scalp challenge) should have been sponsored by Rogain. -Raiff

I think Larry was offended. Don't attribute any of this to me since I don't want to be told that I'm hurting the family.
Larry: You asked for some help with your daughters' contestant speeches at the Lebanon Beauty Pageant. Here are some thoughts. Since you're from Tennessee, the following introduction should be a winner: 
Amanda: Daddy says I'm the best French kisser.
Lauren: No, Daddy says I'm the best.
(OK, I stole this from National Lampoon's Vacation). When the girls get a chance to talk about themselves and are asked about any special awards or recognition they've received, here's some help: 
Lauren: I may already be a winner of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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It has painfully come to mind from almost everyone I know that owns a computer in the last month. Everyone is having some type of trouble or problem with their cpu. And It is just a thought, but in my humble opinion, you would be the perfect person to do some question answering about little tips for keeping everyone's computer in better condition. -RB

I was just thinking that it would be nice to have a MM archive where you could have all of the past issues online and accessible through a menu.
ED NOTE: Your wish is our command. We now have an archive section at the bottom of this page.

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Metro Summer Fashions

The McCarty Metro captures the latest summer fashions. Megan goes for the "I'm a blind little girl who can't swim" look, while Sam sports the popular "belly bulge" look. Put it on and you become an instant babe magnet and, at the same time, make yourself floatable.

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Joke Of The Month

Maria is a devout Catholic: She gets married and has 17 children. Soon after the last child is born her husband dies. A few weeks later she remarries and over the following years has another 22 children with her second husband. After the last child is born her second husband also dies. Within a month Maria is engaged to be married a third time. Unfortunately she becomes very ill and dies.

At her wake, the priest looks tenderly at Maria as she lies in her coffin, looks up to the heavens and says, "At least, they're finally together." A man standing next to the priest asks, "Excuse me, Father, but do you mean Maria and her first husband, or Maria and her second husband?"

The priest says, "I mean her legs."

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