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The Final Donation To The Lupus Alliance Of America...


On behalf of the Dan McCarty family and the Lupus Alliance of America, thank you to all who turned out and helped make this 2004 the most successful one ever.

A Special Thank You To Our Wonderful Corporate Sponsors

Jeff Kuhlman

Oakland Insurance
John Growney

McDonald Investments
Rob Bosart

ESYS Corporation
Dave Valentine / Chris Marcus

UHY Advisors
Steve McCarty

Hole Sponsors

  • Truman Wendt & Family In Memory of Christopher Wendt
  • The Sales Matrix
  • Alan Stabler Family
  • Ms. Jean McCarty
  • Mike McCarty & Family
  • The Brothers Wendt
  • Butzel Long
  • Brad Savage & The Cockroaches
  • Vinnell Corporation
  • Johnson Controls
  • John F. Kennedy Knights of Columbus

DMGC Friends

  • Jack Crudder & Family

  • Mr. Brad Hyde

  • Mr. Mike Shallow

  • St. Michaels Catholic Church

  • Chuck Pottenger and the Lupus Alliance

An event this big needs a dedicated leader. Steve & Kristen McCarty have led the way for the past 9 years getting the DMGC to become a reality. Thank you for all your time and dedication.

It also goes without saying that this event could not be successful without the help of the moms, wives, relatives, and friends who worked long and hard to make sure the event was ready to run, check-ins were a snap, raffles were done well, collecting donations on the course, helping verify on the Cadillac hole-in-one, and for all the little things that made it so great this year... THANK YOU LADIES!!!

Thank you also to Bob Balch from the rock band "Brad Savage & The Cockroaches" for his great rendition of "Danny Boy".

2004 DMGC Champions

Team 5A

Bosart, Anderson, Conway, Fischer

11 Under Par 60

Closest To The Holes: Glenn Lukas (#2), Dennis Petri (#6), J. Cartellinni (#14), Carl Zimmerman (#16)
Longest Drives: K. Ladd (#5), Luke Bien (#18), Linda Peros (#18) 
Past Champions:
1996 / Partridge Creek / Steve McCarty, Matt Munn, Jim Seeling, Chris McCarty
1997 / Richmond Forest / Bob Balch, Glen Lukas, Carl Zimmerman, Greg Lukas
1998 / Greystone / Dan LaRosa, Dan LaRosa Jr., Bill LaRosa, Doug Beck
1999 / Greystone / Matt Munn, John Munn, Steve Francis, Dick Goesinya
2000 / Greystone / Scott Skomial, Cheech Marin / Tommy Chong / Spicoli
2001 / Greystone / John Munn, Matt Munn, Steve Francis / Phil McCrackin
2002 / Greystone / Bill LaRosa, Bill LaRosa Jr., Dan LaRosa, Doug Beck
2003 / Greystone / Mike Shallow, Paul Deanna, Jerry Seay, Kevin Wise

Team Results
(Click on the team names for their photo)

1ATeam McCarty43454344443443434569
1BDakesian, Truman, Mathers, McCarty44454454444442334571
2ATeam Jankowski43443343443333425463
2BTeam Marion33436343443433324463
3AScott, Klotz, Scholl, Rammler43444354343443423570
3BMatt, Jankowski, Ed, Drost43545353433334434467
4AGrail, Peros, Peros, McCarty43345344333443534567
4BSeeling, Bogus, Bojarcyk, Mazzola43344354544443334569
5ABosart, Anderson, Conway, Fischer33444343333333334460
5BGrowney, Hunt, Insurance, Insurance43344354443334334465
6ALukas, Lukas, Zimmerman, Balch32444354343343424463
6BMcCarty, Minima, Team--------------------
7APickney, George, George, McCarty43554445543454444475
7BWiacek, Wiacek, Russo, Russo43344355433443423566
8ALadd, Ladd, Stabler, Clifford33343354443342333461
9AMcCarty, Kresbaugh, Kresbaugh, Bien42444344443433333362
9BPallister, Bieske, Bieske, Boys43444455443453445473
10AWise, Shallow, Seay, Deanna43545343333333333462
10BLerczak, Lerczak, Toner, Toner33434344344443424666
11APottenger, Kuhlman, Flynn, Arickx33434344443433423563
12AWendt, Wendt, Wendt, Daly42444354342443433464
12BPilarski, Pilarski, One, Open43444344433442433464
13ACrudder, Crudder, Crudder, Roach43344344433343324462
13BWendt, Wendt, Wendt, Killebrew43544434444452444470
14AAceaves, Patterson, Spacht, Grimshaw33454354333333434565
14BTeam Lech43444354433343434466
15AMoore, Moore, Moore, Moore53555455554554535579
15BScian, Meyer, Kirkbride, Meyer33554344444343444469
16AValentine, Marcus, ESYS, ESYS44444354443443445572
17ACornwell, Hyde, Miller, Petri33444243343434334462
17BFederal, Federal, Fadel, Perez43544345444454435473
18ABrunsman, Brunsman, Brunsman, Woods32453344442343334462
18BAntoun, Antoun, Tomich, English34444344344443434568

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