The McCarty Metro

Still Under The Basement Steps

A Final Thought

The McCarty Metro salutes a good friend and police officer, Gary Davis.

Flashing lights and sirens ahead,
do their job and give us a warning.
Yet did you even notice the Trooper there,
who stands at the side of the road mourning.

He's surrounded by chaos at the moment,
yet feeling so terribly alone.
Doing his best to gain some control,
yet his legs feel as if they're made of stone

Standing there watching in disbelief,
as they struggled in vain to save a comrades life.
He's over-come with tremendous grief,
thinkin' of his brothers friends, family and wife.

God please give him the courage to tell them,
this terrible news he has to relay.
Will they see his tear stained face and know,
that their loved one won't be coming home today.

He knows he's got to continue on,
to do the job for which he was sworn.
My heart goes out to the Trooper,
as he stands at the side of the road to mourn.

We will miss you Gary. Rest In Peace.

Here is a tribute site that honors Gary Davis

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