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June 2004

Metro News
Latest news & information around the home front

Jerry's World
Jer takes a look at the wedding of Ryan & Missy

June Calendar
Find out who shares a June birthday

Dan McCarty Golf Classic
Get the latest up-to-date info on the golf outing

With the DMGC coming up, here is some vintage DJ

Ode To Gull Lake
Recap of the 2004 event from a rookie plus final results

Take A Shower
Coverage of the Missy Stabler bridal shower

It Just Makes Cents
Ralph invites you over to watch some cable TV

Gas Savers
High prices getting you down? Here how McCartys conserve

Peanut & Jocko
Peanut gets into more trouble and Jocko doesn't approve

June Quiz
A quiz this month for all the dads in honor of Father's Day

Bush vs. Kerry
It should be a tough battle, but you can help your man win

Metro Chat Room
Chat on-line with the family and your friends 24/7

Final Thought
Goodbye to a good friend, husband & cop

The 9th Annual
Dan McCarty Golf Classic

Saturday, August 7th At the Twin Lakes Golf & Swim Club

This year, registration is done on-line, and is being handled by The Lupus Alliance of Michigan. It is important that you register as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

Register Now!

Become A Sponsor!

View The DMGC Webpage

As in previous years, the event is to raise money to raise awareness, educate, and help fight Lupus. Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that is hard to diagnose, difficult to manage and if not treated can become life threatening. In simple terms, lupus develops when the body becomes "allergic to itself." Dan suffered from Lupus, and was taken from us too early.

Learn More About Lupus

The Wedding Event Of 2004
Saturday, June 26, 2004
Ryan & Missy

Not since Luke married Laura,
Elizabeth Taylor married Nicky Hilton, then Michael Wilding, then Michael Todd, then Eddie Fisher, then Richard Burton, then Richard Burton again, then John Warner, then Larry Fortensky, has their been such an anticipated event.

The McCarty Metro Chat Room is open 24 / 7 for its' visitors. Feel free to chat on-line with the family and friends who are also on the site. Metro subscribers will receive free updates and reminders for pre-scheduled group chat times. Sign up free now!

Here is a pre-list of June Group Chat Times.

Sunday, June 69:30pm EDTGeneral 
Sunday, June 209:30pm EDTFather's Day
Sunday, June 279:30pm EDTMetro Staff Mtg.

More Dates Coming...

Top Five Reasons to Join the Metro Chat Room

5. The hours of quiet are therapeutic
4. You get to talk to strangers without accepting candy
3. While you sit at home, Jerry logs in from remote areas around the world
2. The donuts
1. It's called a life, and you don't have one

June Metro Staff

Kelly McCarty



Jerry Klotz
Jerry McCarty
Kristen McCarty
Larry McCarty
Mike McCarty
Steve McCarty
Ralph Montegomery



Gerry Bufalini
Bob Balch

McCarty Metro Trivia

 Last Month's Question & Answer 

What is the largest country that does NOT have water on any of its' borders?
A. Mongolia

Congratulations to (in order received) Matt Scholl, Jerry McCarty, and Larry McCarty


We Love The McCarty Metro!
Now Please Let Us Out!!!

 This Month's Trivia Question 
The NHL record for the most career overtime goals is held by a person who has also played for the Detroit Red Wings. Name him.



Top 10 Things Heard at
Weddings DJ’d by Brad Savage


1. “You come here eat our food, drink our drinks, and use our women and we’re supposed to pay you?
2. “What’s with the Funny Hats?”
3. “This CD looks like there is chicken on it”
4. “Go ask someone to dance!”
5. “ Quit playin all that N#$&*!@ Music”
6. “Didn’t you guys crash a wedding we were at once?"
7. “I’m getting my Gun”
8. “Got any country?”
9. “That’s a nice light show, but it kinda looks like a metal shelf with Christmas tree lights on it.”
10. “This is the last song of the evening, “Does anyone have jumper cables?”

Metro Puzzle

I live above a star, but do not burn. 

I have 11 friends that do not turn. 

My initials are PRS. 

What am I? 

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Family & Friends Affiliate SitesSummer Games
by Larz

Looking back to the 60's, I remember all those great summer games we used to play at Coyle Park. I decided to travel back to Michigan and revisit those great games of the past, only to find that this new generation has put a twist on those games. For example:

We used to play dodgeball . While at the park last week, I was asked if I want to play dodge the bullets.

We played kick the can. Well, I guess they still play kick the can, because they said they were going to kick mine but they used a slang word for can.

We played hide the belt and "hide and seek". They play take my wallet and "run and seek".

We played red light - green light. They play run the red light

We played strikeout. They play breakout
OK ... this is getting pretty lame!

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