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Dan McCarty Golf Classic
The 2003 Dan McCarty Golf Classic took place on August 9. It was a glorious day for golf, and great day to remember Dan. Not all the figures have been added up, but as of this update, the McCartys have raised over $4500 for the Lupus foundation. Thank you to all our sponsors and participants who helped make this years' event successful. Visit the DMGC page for results.
Jerry's World

Getting prepped for your first wedgie and swirlie? You wouldn't want to go back to school until you get some advice from Uncle Jer in Jerry's World.

George Ford / Mackenzie Reunion
Several Mackenzie High grads (Class of '67) and spouses got together recently at Tee-Bonz in Fenton on June 14. A number of them also went to George Ford Elementary at Marlowe and West Chicago. Check out their Reunion page.
Other Things In This Issue
Don't forget to get your latest McCarty Metro News. See what McCartys went where on the Vacation page. What happened at the annual Karoake night. Which McCartys are total imposters. What is on Brad Savage's mind these days? Don't forget to visit Peanut & Jocko for some more toilet humor. Need an uplifting story? Stop and take a Final Thought.
DP In Iraq
Metro correspondent Dennis McCarty is hot in the pursuit of WMD. Here, Bruce Willis (top center) visited the base as part of a USO tour. I'm in the group shot to the right with the Texans cap on.

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Hot Metro News

2003 Blackout Delays Metro

DMGC raises over $4500 for Lupus.


Peanut & Jocko


A Special Thank You To Our DMGC Sponsors

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Dennis McCarty
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Kristen McCarty
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 Is Your Kid A "Real" McCarty?

Despite our gene pool being diluted by our spouses, there is one way to tell if your kid is a “Real” McCarty.   If you answer 8 of these questions “Yes”, your kid is a McCarty.   If you answer 10 out of 10 yes, your kid is retarded.

Does your child…..

  • put extra sugar on his/her cereal?

  • finish every meal with “Whooooo-Weeee!”?

  • sing off-key?

  • sleep with his/her mouth open?

  • have chronic bad knees and a bad back?

  • think Larry is the funniest of the Three Stooges?

  • run real slow?

  • get lost easily?

  • drink milk right out of the carton?

  • pickup a deck of cards, and immediately say “Tell me when to stop”?

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- Larry McCarty
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Monthly Trivia
In our last issue, we posed a question...
Q. Name all the people who were Cockroaches
A. Brad Savage, Eric Swan, Bob Dantzer, Steve Summers, Carl Rollin, Lake Speed, Bob The Dick, Joey Chippetta, Lance DeVous, Eddie Stein, and Adam Badfinger. Thank you Jerry McCarty
Today's question... What Major League Baseball Player hit a home run in his first plate appearance and retired over 20 years later with only 1 home run?





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