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Merry Christmas



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 News Headlines

Christmas Decorating In Grand Rapids

Mike wanted to surprise Karen by decorating the outside of the house while Karen was at school. Mike did not disappoint, as Karen was very much surprised, not so much that Mike slipped off the roof and was found hanging upside down with his feet caught in the lights, but rather that the brand new icicle lights she had just purchased on 28th street went on sale today.

Cabbage Patch Kids Making A Comeback?

No! But here's one of the pictures of Sam that Karen brought back from his baptism Sunday in Baltimore.


Christmas Name Draw

The cost of living has sky-rocketed around the McCarty households. As proof, the limit per gift has been raised to an all-time high of $15. 
ED NOTE>>> I'm sorry, but if this limit keeps on going up, I'm going to have to move in with the Devine family.

Andy drew Dennis
Mike drew Rick
Dennis drew Kelly
Rick drew Andy
Larry drew Mike
Jerry drew Larry
Kelly drew Steve
Steve drew Jerry
Karen drew Carla
Ann drew Kathlene
Kathlene drew Kristen
Margaret drew Karen
Kristen drew Margaret
Carla drew Ann


 Better Not Pout, I'm Tellin You Why
 Recipe Needed

People From the Old Neighborhood, Who Could Have Been Santa

Ballard Mallard or Baggard Maggard - Did he really fall off the porch into the bush or did he actually fall off the rooftop and into the bush?

Joe Morrison - Drove his sleigh into Papler's house

Kay Schultz - Always asking how much that doggie in the window was ... gift shopping?

Please send me the recipe for a hi-ball.  I want to conduct a scientific experiment to see if I can hold my liquor better than the men of Sussex over the holidays.
 Christmas Trivia-
Q.  When did the McCarty family adopt the tradition of gift wrapping?



 Take Note
Brand New For 2003
The Award Winning Fraser Rambler Basketball Page

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