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Dan McCarty Golf Classic

And what another great event put on by Steve and Kristen McCarty to honor DJ.  The weather was great, it was a full house, and the event raised over $6400 for the Michigan Chapter of the Lupus Foundation.  The group pictured consisted of Larry, Mike, Rick and Kevin McCarty.  They ended up over par in the scramble event.  The main cause was the fact that for some reason, Rick and Kevin kept swinging about a toe length over the ball.  Go figure?

Pre-Golf Karaoke

For all those that missed the annual pre-DMGC Karaoke event, you missed a classic.  The night was highlighted by an impromptu reunion featuring a stirring duet of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" by Brad Savage and Eric Swann.  Even "Ted" was impressed.  Also impressive was Ryan McCarty's lovely voice, as he tried to do Rap duets with everyone and anyone in the building. 

Stem Cell Research & McCarty Running Tradition

With the promise of government funds to delve deeper into unlocking the mysteries of Stem Cells, McCarty's are hopeful the secret for their lack of direction when it comes to racing will be unlocked. 

The latest McCarty of the next generation to succumb to this mutant lack of direction is Amanda McCarty who entered her first 5K race after 2 days of practice.  "I was making good time ... when I realized I was on the wrong path", states A.J. McCarty.  "I had to wait about 3 or 4 minutes for someone to come along and point which way I needed to go."  Amanda finished 21st in her last race. A.J. now places an "L" on her left hand and an "R" on her right to interrupt the flags on the course.

Post Vacation Blues

After a wonderful 2 week vacation to the east coast, the Clinton Twp. McCarty's next several days took their toll.  First was the burned lawn that Chris says he didn't realize was brown.  Then we found 2 empty cases of Budweiser in the garage (no wonder he couldn't tell what color it was).  Opening the mail, we realized that we had driven the whole vacation without insurance.  Someone had filed away the bill a month before and it was never paid.  Margaret then went out to her car to find she had a flat tire.  After coming back from Sears with 4 new tires, the big tension spring on the garage door broke.  Finally, the next day, Kelly had no power at all on his van when he was ready to leave for work.  Time for a new alternator and battery.  I guess the C.T. Mc's are ready for another vacation.  

The End To A Long Season

Austin McCarty finished his season with the Fraser Cubs.  The team finished at 6-8, and McCarty finished with a .375 average and a .550 on base percentage.

The youngster played 3rd base and shortstop this year.  His season was cut short by 2 games while he checked out Canadian options in case he could not work out an extended contract with the Parks and Recreation Department here in Fraser.

McCarty Wins Volleyball Game 

Sara McCarty, returning to the volleyball court after being sidelined from last years traffic accident, served up the winning points and made the final kill shot for the first ever victory over rival FCA.  In true fashion of any team a McCarty has played on, they went on to lose the next 2 games.

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

McCarty's have always been known for sports, but Lauren McCarty breaks new ground as the first McCarty to try out for a cheerleading spot (not counting Dennis). Lauren is pumped up for this try-out, but realizes being a McCarty may have its disadvantages for this sport: lack of rhythm, bad knees, bad back, and lungs that pop out of shoulders.  Try-outs are on Monday, August 27.

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