On each of the 6 previous pages in this issue of the Metro, I have used a TV theme song as the background music.  Your job is to figure out what they all are.  Easy.... Maybe not.  

The background music should work with most browsers.  If it doesn't automatically work for you, I have the links below so you can play them all on this page.

Submit your answers on the entry below the music. 1 Grand Prize Winner will be selected from the winning entries and will receive free lodging at the beautiful and elegant Jean's Motel in the plush Macomb Township. Included in the package are meals (Rams Horn and sammiches), entertainment (the song styling of Jean herself and cable TV) , and free admittance to the water rides behind the motel (running through the sprinklers and crossing the rickety bridge over the ditch. So enter early and enter often.

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