DATELINE UTICA: Two McCartys ran neck-and-neck -- and another finished in the upper echelon of the Utica 1 Mile and 5K Run, a race that drew 124 contestants to beautiful downtown Utica on May 19.

In the 1 Mile Run, Jerry McCarty squeezed in ahead of brother Mike McCarty by 3 seconds. Of 14 contestants in the 1 Mile, Jerry finished 12th and Mike took 13th.  However, Mike won a medal by beating a Detroit woman, the only other person entered in his age bracket.  FYI: Mike and the woman are both 51. Jerry is 40.

Meanwhile, in the 5K, Chris McCarty turned on the jets and finished 16th overall.  There were 110 runners in the 5K field.  He ran a 20:22, but didn't get a medal because he was in the same age bracket as the top four finishers -- all 20somethings.

Highlights of the 2001 Utica Run:

Chris McCarty was running on his 21st birthday.  (And no, he did not stop at the Locker Room during the race.)

Steve offering water to Jerry near the last lap, only to have Jerry dump it on Steve.

"That's the spirit!" (Yelled by an unidentified runner who witnessed the aforesaid water dump.)

"Thanks for coming again." (This is what the presenter said to Mike during the medal ceremony.  Actually, this quote is an approximation because the microphone wasn't working well.  What most people heard was: rrrrr, rrrrr, rrrr (highway traffic.)

Jerry's McCarty's city on the race results -- Valencia, CA. Jerry was the ONLY out-of-state entry.  

McCarty Finishes


1 Mile Race5 K Race
12th Place - Jerry McCarty 10:0716th Place - Chris McCarty 20:22
13th Place - Mike McCarty 10:10


DATELINE VALENCIA: The regionally-famous DJ Mac Jerry lost his entire cd collection to thieves in the early hours of Saturday June 30.  Mac Jerry arrived at the Homeowner’s Association Clubhouse to MC an early morning Swim Team Meet, to find that his disks had been STOLEN!  The Sheriff has a few suspects, and is keeping a close watch on a group of teenaged boys who have begun skateboarding to Billy Don’t Be a Hero by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods.

Also in Valencia – Courtview Drive was taken over by MTV on Tuesday, June 26th to film a video for the group New Found Glory.  The video starred Rachel Lee Cooke and Cory Feldman is expected to air in the next few months.  The production crew paid Kathlene McCarty $50 to use the McCarty computer in the video.  The computer was returned in perfect condition, however Dana noticed Cory Feldman had made it to Level 4 of Winnie the  Pooh’s Interactive Reading Adventure.


DATELINE FRASER: Brad McCarty just completed his first season for the Fraser Rambler High School baseball team. The McCarty freshman saw a lot of playing time as the left fielder for the team.  The squad went 7-7.

Also re-energizing his baseball career in the minors is Austin McCarty who plays summer rec ball for the Fraser Cubs 11-14 year olds.  The Cubs just started their season and are 1-2 at the writing of this article, but 12 year old Hoss (as he is known around the league) is hitting a whopping  .667.


DATELINE SHELBY TOWNSHIP: With the Tennessee and the Saudi McCartys in town for the weekend, Steve, Kristen and Megan decided to throw a barbecue.  A great time was had by all. Here are some pics of the event.

Kelly is obviously the tallest McCarty.  Notice the tip-ee-toes by Steve and Rick.

All the cousins get their pics taken.  By the way, will someone get Megan the cheese she keeps asking for.

Bocci is the sport du' jour. A couple of things to point out though... I guess Kelly, Larry and Rick use the same barber, and notice Steve holding his balls in his hands. (just wanted to say that 1 time)

Steve assures us that these last couple of hamburgers still have a couple more minutes to cook.


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