A beautiful summer day, great food, awesome fireworks, and several injuries.  All in all, it was a typical 4th of July celebration at Mom's house.  Present for the annual event were Steve, Kristen & Megan, Kelly, Margaret, Austin, Brad, Chris & Chrissie, Rick, Kevin, Erin & James, Dennis, Ashley & Adam, and of course, the hostess with the mostess.... Jean McCarty. 

The fireworks were plenty.  A dazzling ground assault was provided by Rick and the aerial assault provided by Mom. Injuries were minimal, as hospital officials have upgraded the conditions of the 3 lighters from critical to just stupid.

Some notable other 4th celebrations around the country.  

  • The Lebanon, Tennessee display hosted by Larry McCarty was a huge event.  The fireworks display lasted approximately 5 minutes and finished promptly by 5:30 pm so spectators could rush home and catch Hee Haw by 6.
  • The Valencia, California display was a bit of a let down.  Disc Jockey, Jerry McCarty, realizing no one actually purchased fireworks for the evening, proceeded to toss sparklers and flash paper in the air, while Kathlene and Dana stomped on balloons to simulate the explosions.
  • The Grand Rapids, Michigan fireworks made national headlines when an unidentified local newspaper columnist rode his bike to the fireworks display, crashing into the electrical detonation booth, and prompted what spectators could only describe as "a near nuclear holocaust"! Mike is now resting comfortably at home.


Pictures From Mom's


Megan shows her independence with this stunning ensemble.

(l-r) Chris, Mom, Adam, Dennis, Rick and Kevin get the best seats in the house. (ok... actually the only seats)

Erin and James smile for the camera. (This worked out well because the only thing James could move painlessly after 10 games of basketball and a game of strike-out was his mouth as he grimaces in pain)

(l-r) Chris and Chris or was that right to left.  I'm soooo confused!

Ashley wowed the crowd with his Tarzan impersonation.

Margaret and Kelly just before the inferno known as the 2001 McCarty fireworks display. 

Now doctors say that Kelly will not be able to place his hand in his pocket for at least 3 weeks until all the burns heal.

Kristen and Megan enjoy a train ride with Dan Dan the Choo Choo Man (pictured on right). 

Dan Dan was waiting for some little kid to pull his finger finger so he could make his choo choo noise.

Austin, Brad and Megan keep an eye out for cops that might try to break up the fun.

They were also there to flag down the ambulance since the cops weren't there to break up the fun.


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