Mr. Mike

Attention, all McCartys. For this month's math lesson, the subject is story problems. Our problem is taken from an actual, typed letter from our newspaper girl. Here are some excerpts from the letter, exactly as it was written.

Dear Press customer;

1. This will be my last month of peddling the PRESS to you. I will be ending my career as a press carrier on December 31st of this year.

2. IF you are planning on any VACATION during the month of December, I MUST know right now, so that I can make any corrections for your December bill.

3. If you will be gone, and you are a daily paper subscriber, you can deduct .387 per day that you will not receive the paper. For instance, if you are gone 7 days, deduct $2.71 (7x.387), making your bill $12.00 - $2.71 = $9.29. If you have any trouble, let me know, and I will figure it out for you.

OK, class. Let's assume I will be gone 3 days this week and 1 more day next week. And let's assume that I'm threatened by the letter and and I feel I MUST pay up right now.

A. How much do I owe for the month?
B. If I have trouble figuring out the bill and the paper girl spends 8 minutes figuring it out and charges me .371 a minute, how much do I owe?

And now for another excerpt:

There have been some of you who have been a little disturbed with me, but for the most part, all of you have been wonderful.

A. Let's say I am no longer fearful but miffed at the disturbed crack. Does she mean me? OK, here's the math question: How much of a Christmas tip do you think the paper girl will get?

Class dismissed. Next month, I think I can talk Mademoiselle Jill into giving us a French lesson.

-- Mr. Mike


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